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segunda-feira, 19 de junho de 2017

$99 3D Printer! Sim a impressora a 99 dólares não pára! E re-programar umRobot Industrial em MINUTOS, invólucros para a electrónica, Bits para a Dremmel, e ponhaam a 3D a render!

A Fabulosa Impressora 3D a 99 Dólares, está ainda melhor, agora, com a nova versão a uma resolução incrível, para o Preço:

You suggested. We listened.
Get ready for an even better STARTT.

The new batch of STARTT printers will be with us in three weeks and this is your chance to reserve your very own.

Improved STARTT features

Early buyers of the STARTT have spoken so we've made a few changes to improve your printing experience. 
    3D printed parts have now been replaced with injection moulded parts.
    The power supply has been replaced with a new, more reliable version.
    New, upgraded firmware improves usage.
New printing software profile
The new Cura for STARTT is now available! No more need to create your own profile. Download objects directly from MyMiniFactory within Cura for a streamlined printing experience!

Grandes Companhias por todo o Mundo começaram numa Garagem, agora, Grandes Indústrias poderão começar assim mesmo!

Estes super-bacanos, da TaskMate, vão-vos permitir comprar um Robot Industrial em 3ª mão, programá-lo em Minutos, como se estivessem a instalar um Sstema Operativo num PC...
E se um dia for preciso, re-programá-lo! 



Engineering the "Swiss-army knife of robots"
Kristin Hanson

The Cohen Translational Engineering Fund is helping promising startups like READY Robotics bring their innovative technologies to market as quickly as possible
"The Cohen funding allowed us to see how our product would solve problems in real-time, and how it could provide value, rather than just existing in the lab as a research toy," Guerin says.
Now READY Robotics' president and chief technical officer, Guerin calls the startup's product, TaskMate, the "Swiss-army knife of robots."

The company installs its software in a pre-made robot, making the machine easy to program and adjust — similar to how Microsoft made personal computing accessible to non-programmers with software like DOS and Windows. Once trained in the system, users can switch the tasks their robot performs in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks and cut out the cost of an outside programmer.
After using the Cohen grant to build and test a READY Robotics prototype, the technology earned a $100,000 Maryland Innovation Initiative grant from TEDCO — the Maryland Technology Development Corporation — and then raised $3.75 million in seed funding. Since opening for business officially June 2016, READY Robotics has grown to house 12 employees in its South Baltimore office, and Guerin and his team have kept busy testing prototypes with manufacturers and attracting more investors and customers.

Se andam às voltas com caixas para as vossas Engenhocas, aprendam com quem sabe, a desenhar os Invólocros de que precisam, e como precisam deles:

Your Guide To Making Electronics Project Boxes
DJ Harrigan

Introduction To Electronics Project Boxes
You’ve just made something great: It blinks, it whirrs, it speaks in tones, it’s voiced-controlled and it’s “cloud connected” (of course). And now this assembled heap of your own design is waiting on your desk for the final touch. If you want to keep your electronic creation alive for years to come, and draw fewer eyes as you ferry it through airport security, you’ll want to make a robust electronics project box to house and protect it.
The benefits of a small electronics case are clear: Your project will last longer, work more reliably and demonstrate a detailed attitude about showing off your work. It’s time to think outside the box when it comes to thinking about the insides of boxes.
But where to start? Where to finish? This post will guide you through the many different kinds of materials, joinery and aesthetic options for your electronics project enclosure.

Eis uma Ferramenta lixadora para a Dremmel, que podem fazer em minutos, poor quase nada, para acabamentos sem despesas:

$1 Inflatable Sander Replacement DIY

Inflatable sanders are problematic, leakage being a problem with anything full of air. I decided to make a replacement from a piece of dowel, some velcro, and a bolt. The cost is less than $1. I really like the resulting round sander, and I hope you find it useful too.

Compraram uma Impressora 3D, e querem-na a trabalhar, para complementar os vossos ganhos?
Não querem comprar, mas querem ver se arranjam quem imprima umas coisitas em 3D?
Cá está a Treatstock, para que, localmente, possam resolver o voso problema:
Duma rede Mundial de Impressoras 3D, um App escolhe a Impressora mais próxima, e trata de encomendar o trabalho.
É bom! 

About Us

Treatstock is an online platform where consumers can search and purchase anything made through 3D printing. With 3D print services located all over the world, Treatstock can deliver a finished product in a turn-around time of just about a week. We also have many partnerships with online platforms which provide a countless number of designs to get 3D printed. We realize the potential 3D printing has to offer and we are glad to be a part of this growing industry.
Our core values include offering the best possible customer service and providing a quality product. We recognize that Treatstock has many competitors, and by ensuring exceptional customer service, we can set ourselves apart. Every order matters, every customer matters, and we take pride in treating everyone equally as if they are our only customer at the time.

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