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segunda-feira, 1 de maio de 2017

3D Flutuante, support-less 3D! E Blue Stuff, Instrumentos Musicais DIY, poupar na Gravação Laser, e uma 3ª mão

Dica de Maurício Martins, e muito obrigado, eis uma das tais ideias que mudam uma Indústria inteira, imprimir em 3D, SEM GRAVIDADE!
Uma seringa esguicha material num Gel;
A Gravidade não influencia a Impressão, logo, impressão sem suportes!
não é camada-por-camada, é desenhar em 3D por isso, é mais rápido, e em tamanho gigante.
É bom!

steelcase X MIT create customized furniture by 3D printing into liquid gel 
up until now, 3D printing has been a desirable yet limited tool for manufacturing. whilst great for creating small, one-off objects, the technique has long needed to be adapted to be used on a large, commercial level. with this in mind, scientists at the MIT self-assembly lab have collaborated with the global furniture brand steelcase and acclaimed product designer christophe guberan to yield a 3D printing breakthrough—piloting a new process dubbed rapid liquid printing. the technique allows for the creation of large scale objects in just minutes, and is poised to make large-scale manufacturing of customized furniture a reality. 

Blue Stuff, pode ser-vos útil em muitas coisas, para moldar plàstico a frio.
Usando Oyumaru, ou Blue Stuff, basta aquecer o produto em àgua quente, e moldar em volta do que querem duplicar.
Mas pode servir para muitos outros fins, como pivots de estruturas provisórias, etc.

Blue Stuff/Oyumaru - How to cheaply cast miniatures or plastic models - new version

David Damek 
Only for personal use.
Blue Stuff 

part1 - How to paint cockpit - 

part2 - Self-made improvements - 

part3 - How to Use Washes Oil
part4 - Riveting and Rescribing Panel Lines - 

part5 - Weathering using aquarelle crayons -
part6 - How to paint and create stencils RAF roundels -
part7 - Airbrush tutorial, tips for better airbrushing -
part8 - How to paint inline engine -
part9 - Resin accessories -

David Damek

Com ou sem Impressora 3D, eis 15 maneiras de fazerem os vossos próprios Instrumentos Musicais, por isso, mãos à obra: 

15 Groovy Ideas for Homemade Musical Instruments to DIYTyler Koslow 
Playing instruments is fun, but building them yourself is even better. Why not DIY your own homemade musical instrument?
They say that music makes the world go round, but spending money on new instruments will often make your bank account go down. For those who are passionate about making music, it’s usually a worthwhile investment, but not when you can DIY your own homemade instrument.
If you have some spare time and enough maker spirit, you can skip the pricey trip to the music shop and construct your own DIY homemade instrument.
We’ve collected a number of projects designed for beginners, intermediates, and experts.
Whether you own a 3D printer or not, there are a number of projects for you to delve into on this list. In a matter of hours, you can print or build some of these homemade instruments, bringing joy and sound right into your home.

Saber qual a maneira mais económica e eficiente de gravar por Laser CNC, é o propósito deste Tutorial da Ponoko, por isso, se querem lucrar com as vossas Gravadoras 3D, vão lá:

Take The Mystery Out Of Laser Engraving Costs With This Price Comparison Tutorial

Lisa Horn 
Laser engraving: It turns basic laser cut designs from ordinary to extraordinary. But this added style, beauty and impact can significantly increase your design costs. To be able to achieve excellent design while staying on budget, you’ve got to get smart.
This means you’ve got to get smart with how files are built…and this may take some detective work to determine exactly where there are opportunities to tighten up a design that saves time—and money.
But does getting these laser engraving costs just right seem like a mystery that can’t be solved? You don’t have to be Maxwell Smart, Inspector Clouseau or 007 to solve this case. We’ve done all the legwork for you…and it didn’t require a clandestine impossible mission or an enigmatic decoder machine to get the files. 

Muitas vezes, uma tarefa simpres torna-se um pesadelo, se não houver alguém à mão, para segurar numa peça, ou o que mais...
Todos passámos por isso!
Por isso, cá vai este Instructable que vos dá uma terceira mão, e fazem assim de tudo, sem ajudas!

Ultimate Third Hand

What is a third hand?
A third hand is a devise used to hold something in place while work is being performed. It is essentially a third hand to aid your two hands. It is like having someone else’s hand to help hold something that you are working on. With the aid of another hand to steady your work you can perform the task that you are doing with a steady hand.
You can use a third hand to hold parts while using a torch to heat the parts and solder them together.
A third hand is useful to hold parts in place when using a soldering iron to make a join.
A third hand is very helpful when gluing parts together. There are dozens of other uses.
Essentially a third hand holds items in place while you work on them.

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