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quinta-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2017

Aulas em Impressão 3D? E IoT Arduino, façam a vossa DLP, Metal 3D por encomenda... E um Tractor Beam!

Não querem entrar no Mundo da Impressão 3D às cegas?
Pois a Instituição de Ensino Online que é a Instructables, faz-vos a papinha toda, que vos ensina os Truques todos, em Aulas Vídeo!


with JON-A-TRON 
Welcome to the world of 3D printing! In this class, you will learn everything you need to know to design and 3D print your own creations. It's really three-classes-in-one. We'll learn Fusion 360, an awesome (free) 3D modeling program that will let you design just about anything. We'll learn the ins-and-outs of desktop 3D-printing, and we'll learn how to sketch by hand so we can generate solid ideas. With this class and enough practice, you'll be a pro in no time. 

Da Hackaday vem-nos esta notícia, o novo protocolo NoRaé agora usado neste produto Arduino, para a Internet of Things, para ligarem o que quizerem à Net!
A malta da Arduino não pára...

Brian Benchoff 
WiFi and Bluetooth were never meant to be the radios used by a billion Internet of Things hats, umbrellas, irrigation systems, or any other device that makes a worldwide network of things interesting. The best radio for IoT is something lightweight which operates in the sub-Gigahertz range, doesn’t need a lot of bandwidth, and doesn’t suck down the power like WiFi. For the last few years, a new low-power wireless communication standard has been coming on the scene, and now this protocol — LoRa — will soon be available in an Arduino form factor.

Mais uma maravilha do nosso amigo Aldric Negrier, podem agora fazer este tipo de Impressoras 3D famosa pela sua qualidade de Impressão, e esta, bem feita e com um volume de trabalho que não é qualquer coisa... 

RooBee One - SLA DLP Aluminum Frame 3D Printer
Roobee One is an SLA DLP 3D printer inspired on the Cristelia - SLA/LCD 3d printer and the Vulcanus MAX 3D printer.
It is built out of 20x20 mm aluminum profile chassis, It has an adjustable print area of 80x60x200 mm up to 150x105x200mm build volume using a ACER DLP projector.
The open-source machine is called RooBee One because it is red color just like a Ruby gem.
This instructables will guide you way thought the entire build process of assembling one.

Só querem umas peças impressas em Metal, sem terem de comprar Maquinaria caríssima?
A Sculpteo permite-vos mesmo isso, mandem o Ficheiro do Objecto 3D, e eles já têem um Programa que vos ajuda no processo de receberem o que querem em casa.
E em vários Metais!

The Smart Suite for Metal 3D Printing: Introducing Agile Metal Technology

It’s our big CES 2017 announcement: we’re launching AMT (Agile Metal Technology) a new software suite entirely dedicated to Metal 3D Printing. This suite is a big help for everyone who has a metal 3D printing project.
Along with this new Suite, we’re launching what’s needed to 3D print in metal. Starting now, our 3D printing service includes DMLS and SLM metal 3D printing directly online. By launching this new offer, we put our expertise and intuitive interface towards making 3 new materials available: Aluminium (SLM technique), Titanium (DMLS) and Stainless Steel (DMLS). 

Eis algo de fascinante, um verdadeiro Raio de Tracção, ou Tractor Beam, mas acústico, para entusiasmar a Pequenada a envolver-se em Ciência, e quem sabe, desenvolver verdadeiros Tractor Beams, no Futuro!
Parabéns pela Ideia!

Acoustic Tractor Beam

Asier Marzo  
Tractor Beams are mysterious waves that can attract particles towards the source. Here, we will show you how to build an Acoustic Tractor Beam with components that can be bought directly on the Internet for less than 75$.
With this Instructable you will be able to get in your hands a device that it was only seen on SciFi movies such as Star Wars or Star Trek.
If you want more scientific background on Acoustic Tractor Beams, you can check our Open Access research papers:
How Acoustic Tractor Beams Work
Acoustic Delay Lines for Compact Tractor beams 

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