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sábado, 5 de novembro de 2016

Desktop Water-jet, sim, cortar TUDO em casa! e Velleman, um Site a ver, imprimir 3D em Teflon(!), um Kit de Sobrevivência, e um Robot expansível!

Em cada Garagem, uma Fábrica? 
Agora sim.
Com uma Máquina CNC de corte por Jacto de Àgua, corta-se prácticamente, tudo, e a partir daí, é só cortar e montar...
Mas custam 100.000 Dólares!
Não esta pequena maravilha, uma Máquina como essas, mas topo-de-mesa, e a custar 6.000 Dólares. E que funciona a corrente normal, de habitação, pronta a ligar e a trabalhar.
De tal maneira, que o Kickstater rendeu 10 vezes mais que o pedido, e agora, é só comprar.

WAZER - The First Desktop Waterjet

Tom Spendlove 
Nisan Lerea and Matthew Nowicki met at Penn Engineering working on the Formula SAE design competition vehicle, and did undergraduate research in manufacturing. One research topic was low-cost waterjet prototyping, and Lerea and Nowicki quit their jobs in 2015 to develop and refine their waterjet cutter. Along with their team of manufacturing, industrial, mechanical and electrical engineers the pair is currently running a highly successful Kickstarter campaign. Their product is WAZER, the first desktop waterjet cutter.
WAZER uses a high pressure water stream and abrasive particles to cut through a workpiece using micro-erosion. Garnet is the abrasive that is used in the cutter, and is non-toxic and easily disposed. The water comes from any tap source and needs to be pumped down a drain after use in the machine.
Even after these early Kickstarter units are sold, this waterjet cutter will start at a price point of $6000. This is incredible compared to currently available units. The Kickstarter page looks polished and the design and prototyping work look to be well done. If we give WAZER the benefit of the doubt and assume they can deliver this low cost and high quality product on time this is going to be a huge leap for maker technology. 

Rebuscando na tralha que tenho por aí, encontrei algo que vale a pena partilhar, porque é algo que vai sempre fazer jeito a um Engenhocas, para Protótipos etc.
Um Kit da Velleman, que vos permite ter um motor, e algo como um servo-motor básico, com rodas dentadas inter-cambiàveis que se podem mudar para terem a velocidade e potência que precisam.
Mas eles têem muito mais, como kits Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Breadboards, kits para tudo, por isso vão ver...

use the contents of this set to change the speed of your existing sets
contains: motor, 2 set gears, metal shafts, gearbox and other accessories
powered by: 2 x AA batteries (not included)

Most popular products in this category

Imprimir em 3D, em Plásticos de alta resistência, como o Teflon, que fazem parte de tudo o que é Indústria e Engenhocas, vai ser possível, graças à 3M.
Isto torna-se cada vez melhor!

3M Patents Technology To Print With Flurocarbons
New 3D printing technologies are being developed at such a rapid pace that it’s easy to imagine a near future in which there isn’t anything that can’t be 3D printed. We can already print living tissue, and recently a patent application was filed for a 3D printer that prints diamonds. What’s left? As it turns out, there are still quite a few materials that haven’t made it to the 3D printer yet – but companies like 3M are working steadily at getting them there.
Fluorinated polymers, aka fluoropolymers / flurocarbons, may not be as glamorous as diamonds, but they’re an integral material in numerous manufacturing processes. The fluorocarbon-based plastics are distinguished by their high-performance durability and resistance to harsh chemicals and high temperatures. Used in everything from aerospace and defence applications to non-stick cooking surfaces, fluoropolymers are everywhere, except for in 3D printers.
Feature-PTFEThat may soon change, though, as product development company 3M has filed a patent for a new type of 3D printing technology that would allow for the additive manufacturing of fully fluorinated polymers. The technology will mean that complex structures can be manufactured quickly and cheaply, whereas the same parts would often be prohibitively expensive to produce with other manufacturing techniques. 

Para tudo o que possa aparecer por aí, temos agora este conunto de coisas que vos podem salvar a vida, um dia, por isso, mal não fará, ter isto à mão...

Apocalypse - Survival Prep: Bug-out bag - EDC

Are you prepared?
This Instructable will give you the building blocks to come up with your own tools, kits, gear, and survival items you may need in a survival situation.
Any of the kits to follow can be used alone but as a group you are almost unstoppable.
There are no rules here. You can use anything you wish to make your survival kits. You will be surprised how many ordinary household items you already have that when you put them in one place could mean life or death, or at lease give you comfort when in a bad situation.
I have collected, built and purchased these items to give me a little back up for those times when you need a little extra help out there. When me and my crew of friends and family go off the beaten path they are always l counting on me to have that little item they forgot.
I really hope this helps you build your survival kits, Every Day Carry (EDC), and must needed tools.
Never put yourself in a survival situation on purpose. Nothing is guaranteed. You could have every survival tool in the world and still not make it out. 

Um Robot que usa o Arduíno, e a que se pode ir juntando coisas, e qualquer um pode montar, é bom!
Por isso, vejam este Vídeo, em que estes 2 bacanos analizam o bicho... 

Ben and Felix Review the ALLBOT Expandable Robot System!
Ben and Felix review the ALLBOT expandable robot system. The ALLBOT is a modular robot system with Arduino compatible robot shields. Find out what's included in the kit and how easy it is to assemble using an Arduino board as the "brains" of the robot.
Watch as they take you step by step through unboxing, assembly, and give an honest assessment of what you can expect if you are interested in using this kit to build a robot of your own!

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