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terça-feira, 28 de junho de 2016

Um Drone "segue-me" com Arduino! E uma Serra Circular custo zero, uma Secretária Grátis, Fotografia aérea por quase nada, e repelir Mosquitos!

Ora aqui está um Drone que podem fazer e casa, e que vos segue, filmando todo, e evitando obsáculos, o que vos dá uma equipe de vídeo de ter por casa, por assim dizer...
É bom! 

DIY Smart Follow Me Drone with Camera (Arduino Based)
Drones are very popular toys and tools these days. You can find professional and even beginner drones and flying gadgets in the market. I have four drones (quadcopters and hexcopters), because I love everything that flies, but the 200th flight isn't so interesting and starts to be boring, so I decided that I will build my own drone with some extra feutures. I like to program Arduino and design circuits and gadgets so I started to build it. I used the MultiWii flight controller that is based on the ATMega328 chip that is also used in the Arduino UNO, so programming was pretty simple. This drone can be connected to an Android smartphone that sends its GPS data to the drone, that compares to its own GPS signal, then starts to follow phone, so if I move on the street the drone follows me. Of course has many failings yet, because I wasn't able to make a proffesional filming drone, but follows the phone, makes a video and also has a ultrasonic distance sensor to avoid the obstacles in the air. I think this is pretty much features from a homemade drone. As soon as possible I will load up a video about a flight, but it is hard to make good quality records with an always moving drone.

Uma ideia do nosso amigo Andrea Biffi, que ainda vou construír cá para casa, uma bacana duma Serra Circular para cortarem, a direito, uma data de placas e pecinhas variadas, que uma Serra de Disco, é um bicho que leva tudo à frente...
E agora, com a possibilade de opcionalmente, ter um Disco Lixador:

mini circular bench saw from scrap [UPDATED]
andrea biffi 
Try to salvage little electric motors from scrap, because you can usually find a way to reuse them. I don't remember where this motor comes from, I've got it many years ago when I used to dismount everything I bumped into, anyway when I found it the other day I immediately pictured a small bench saw to cut metal. Not wood, because motor has a belt and a ratio so that the gear turns at a speed of about 600-1000 RPM which is good for metal, bricks, stones but wood needs very fast speed. To cut these materials you can use a disc grinder, so I bought a pair of discs to apply to my motor.
[UPDATE] I also can apply a disk of sand-paper if needed. To check speed of the disk see last step.

Vejam lá se se conseguem ainda desculpar de não terem uma Secretária decente, (ou uma que aguente muito mau-trato), se o Material para esta, são as Paletes que encontram aos pontapés, por aí!
Reparem nos espaços abertos para ventição, para lá meter, no encaixe, um Computador, à direita: 

How to build a Desk from Pallet Wood
All those pallets that are thrown away....maybe they are worth their weight in gold? Seriously, is that free wood one could avail of? And recycling is good for the environment too!
So I decided to construct a desk from pallets that were going to be thrown away. This desk is intended to house a computer in the future so it has a cabinet with holes that will act as air vents. To add some style, instead of the usual plane panel as a side/leg, a mesh design is being used.
The desktop has holes to allow wires through the surface and conceal them under the surface. Instead of the usual circular holes, the word "DAD" has been routed through so as to also serve as a dedication to my father who introduced me to DIY :)
So, this instructable shows how to create a desk from pallet wood, let's go! 

Hoje, estamos no reino da Poupança, com mais esta ideia, um Papagaio de Papel que vos permite fotografar uma grande Àrea em redor, sem sequer precisarem dum Drone: 

Aerial Photography Super Affordable Kite
Hi everyone!
Here is a very fun and super easy to build tutorial on a kite that will take a camera up in the sky and let you snap those aerial photos you’ve always dreamt of. The kite actually costs pennies to make but is very effective in what it does!
It’s good fun to learn about aerodynamics rather than some rocket science stuff that will bore you to death if you aren’t already an expert in engineering.
So all you kids, makers, creators, hackers, grandmas, grandpas, enthusiasts and of course rocket scientists – follow myjourney and make yourself a kite like this!
P.S. I don’t like much text so feel free to scroll and look through all the pictures – they are really explanatory and give you everything you need to make a kite yourself!

Mas como nem tudo no Verão são coisas agradáveis, cá vai este Instructable para se livrarem dos implacáveis Mosquitos!
Uma boa ideia. 

Arduino Mosquito Repeller
In this instructable I'm going to show you how to build a mosquito repeller using an Arduino. The repeller is in the form of a shield that plugs into the Arduino board and the frequency of the repeller can be changed easily.
This project is ideal if you are going camping or hiking outdoors, this device produces a sound of 31KHz Frequency which acts as a mosquito repellent. The frequency of this device can be adjusted and at 23kHZ to 54 kHz it also acts as a dog whistle. Human ears are not sensitive to these frequency ranges.
You can also view the video below on how to build this project. 

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