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terça-feira, 20 de outubro de 2015

Cortar desenhos vectoriais em PLASMA, com o Inkscape! E O PCT Creo, e ainda, como desenhar chassis de veículos., e o Micro Kit de Sobrevivência!

Esta passou-me, mas hoje, dei por ela, hoje, podem gerar G-code a partir do Inkscape, e até para uma Cortadora a Plasma!
Neste Tutorial, o Inkscape ainda não vinha essa Extensão, pois agora, vem, e assim, é pronto a usar: 

using Inkscape and Gcodetools for CNC plasma cutting

Mr. Hay's Technology
I like SheetCam for generating G-code for a CNC plasma cutter from DXF or SVG drawings, but I prefer free and/or open source programs that students can use on their own computers. Inkscape and the Gcodetools plug-in achieve that.
Version 0.49 of Inkscape will include Gcodetools, but until then we have to extract the contents of the Gcodetools download (using a program such as 7-zip) and put them in the appropriate Inkscape directory (probably c:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\extensions\ on Windows). 

E para formar Engenheiros por toda a parte, cá está a PCT Creo, para vos ajudar, oferecendo o Software, e muito mais, e isto, DESDE A ESCOLA PRIMÁRIA!
É mesmo MUITO BOM!

Free Downloads for Students. Part 1: An Introduction to PTC Academic Programs

PTC is an enthusiastic supporter of STEM education in schools, sponsoring programs for students of all ages. We do this by offering software, training, curriculum, awards, and mentorship. In fact, you’ll find PTC software used in 25,000 secondary schools and 2500 universities in 50 countries around the world. Add it up, and that’s about 10 million students.
If you’re not familiar with our academic programs, start with the video below, and then read on for more details. 

E se quizerem pôr já as mãos na massa, criem o vosso próprio Veículo a 3 rodas, mas creio que podem aproveitar para fazer isso, e depois, muito mais.

Engineering A 3 Wheel Vehicle Chassis

My university senior project was extremely ambitious. Over the course of a year (2011), myself and three other mechanical engineering students designed and fabricated a complete solar race car chassis including the frame, suspension, hubs, spindles, brakes, & steering.
Its been almost 5 years now but vehicle design is just as fascinating to me today. In retrospect any one of the above systems would have been an adequate senior design project. My decision to attempt all of them together reveals the ignorance/arrogance/ambition of my younger self. In the end we were successful though and I learned a heck of a lot about chassis design. I'm sure there are a few more ambitious university students out there who could benefit from my experiences.
This instructable will discuss the engineering process of designing a custom 3 wheel vehicle chassis. The project consisted of research on vehicle dynamics theory and calculations, 3D modelling, structural stress analysis, designing around human factors, component sourcing, and lots of time spent fabricating. 

Ora cá está algo que não faz mal nehum ter no bolso, o menor Kit de Sobevivência do Mundo, e ainda por cima, é facílimo de fazer.
Como as coisas vão... É melhor estar preparado!

Worlds Smallest DIY Survival Kit

I have created what I think to be the world's smallest survival kit. While this kit is certainly not the only thing you should count on, it is very useful and tightly packed. I can say for sure that at lease one of the things would help in nearly any survival situation, if not more. The tape, the thread, and the fire making kit are avery useful. I have not used this kit to do so, but I have made fires from one match and no external tinder many times. Please do not comment below telling me how I will die in the wilderness, I am from Alaska and I always carry more than just this one kit.
Here is what the kit includes:
Fish Hook
3 feet of cord
Two Matches and striker
Fire tinder
Compass needle for DIY compass
1 foot of electrical tape
These things can be used with the combination of the outdoors to equal:
Finding your way home

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