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sexta-feira, 4 de setembro de 2015

Shapesmith! E um Quadracóptero em Papel, soldar Alumínio sem Soldador, e marquem com um Isqueiro!

Do Grupo Impressora 3D Brasil, vem o nosso amigo Cláudio Luís Marques Sampaio dar-nos esta estupenda Dica, Shapesmith, um Programa 3D, paramétrico, e online!
Uma boa solução para imprimirem sem problemas.

Parametric, Open source, 3D modelling- in your browser 

Shapesmith is parametric, so it's very quick and easy to modify your models. You can also use variables with expressions to quickly change models, like changing the radius of holes:
3D-print ready
Import STL models and edit them, and export your models to STL and print it on your 3D printer:
No install required - if you have a WebGL-capable browser you can use Shapesmith. Shapesmith is built with pure HTML5 and Javascript, and makes use of various new web technologies.
Open source
Shapesmith is completely open source under a permissable license (MIT). You don't have to worry about the hosted version disappearing, you can always run your own server. You can also run you own server in your school or business to keep your models private.
Shapesmith is on Github.

Eis algo de igualmente fantástico, o vosso Quadracóptero em PAPEL! 
E com as Instrucções para construírem este, vem também um Link para um Site só dedicado a construír 'Cópteros em Papercraft!
É bom! 

PaperQuad DIY Quadcopter

A few months back, my friend, Kevin, came up with the brilliant idea of melding the art of papercraft with his newfound interest in quadcopters. Naturally, being an engineer myself, I quickly fell into the rabbit-hole that is the multirotor hobby and together we began developing paper frames for our small micro-scale quads.
The basic idea went something like this: After flying the factory-built quads for a while, we began to get curious about altering the configuration -- what would longer arms do? What if we flipped some motors upside down and ran them backwards? What if we made a long and narrow quad? Short and wide? We figured that folding up some paper and gluing it together would be a great way to test these different configurations quickly and cheaply.
After some tinkering, we thought that this could actually become a great activity for kids of all ages (including distinctly adult-looking ones) -- it's inexpensive, offers endless possibilities for customization, and is incredibly fun! What's more, if the quadcopter crashes and breaks, you aren't dead in the water -- just recycle the old frame, print out a new one and you're off to the races again.
This Instructable is meant to be a getting-started guide to making paper quads. Feel free to share designs, knowhow, and let's see what comes out of it! Kevin and I have started a website dedicated to this project where we will post more PaperQuad-related content:

O Alumínio é um Metal fácil de fundir, cortar e maquinar, mas um Pesadelo de soldar, ao que parece...
Mas se seguirem este Instructable, umas barritas e um bom Maçarico, resolvem-vos este problema bicudo, atenção, Malta das Impressoras, maior rigidez significa maior precisão na Impressão... 

How to "Weld" Aluminum Without a WelderDrunken Woodworker 
Using a propane torch and some aluminum brazing rods is a quick way to bonding aluminum without using a welder. It makes for a very strong bond and with a little practice can be done quickly with great looking results.

E ficam a saber que com um Isqueiro Bic, também podem marcar, isto é, marcar a Ferro! 
Madeira, Couro, Plástico, etc, e tudo, apenas com esta Inovação bacana!

Make a Custom Bic Brander
In this Instructable I will show you how to 3D print your very own custom Branding Iron that snaps onto a Bic lighter!
You don't need a 3D printer, just an image, an image editing program like Pixlr and to print your brand in real steel.
Yes, this is a branding iron, they get hot! Don't do anything stupid with one of these, like burn yourself or an animal! If you do, please don't blame me! :)
Second Disclaimer:
I am the designer of the branding iron, I 3D modeled the base file that your custom image gets extruded from on Shapeways, as the designer of the brand I get a bit of the profit for the sales on Shapeways ;) Don't hate me, your dollar is like a high five and makes my day more awesome :)

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