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terça-feira, 18 de agosto de 2015

IdeaWerk, uma Forja, Correias, e uma fresa CNC por 20 Dólares!

Da RS Components chega-nos esta proposta, uma Impressora 3D por 590 Libras, que não produz cheiros, e não precisa de Manutenção, parece ser só um caso de comprar, e imprimir, como as Impressoras a cores, de Papel A4:

NewRS IdeaWerk Pro FDM 3D PrinterRS Ideawerk Pro 3D Printer RS Ideawerk Pro produces no toxicity, chemical pollution or smell. No professional site or maintenance is required
RS Ideawerk Pro is easy to print either from computer or from USB Flash Drive
RS Ideawerk Pro is modularized and convenient for maintenance
The software Doraware-P has all kinds of support model to print different models
Only small noise during printing, RS Ideawerk is Ideal for office, home or class
The software Doraware-P is user friendly and simple. No professionals required
With stable performance and reliable quality, the RS Pro prints out 95% models successfully
High accuracy
Printing Filament: PLA/ABS/Flexible/Wood/HIPS/PC/PA/PVA
Compatible System:
Windows XP/ Vista/ Win7/ Win8/ Win8.1

Forjas, Fundição, e mais Forjas!
Essencial para se ser um Engenhocas de respeito, eis uma Forja basrtante simples de se fazer:

ForgeAustin Noble
In my first instructable I'm going to show you how I made a forge. I hope it gives you some ideas. Please note that this is just one of many ways to do this, and improvisation is the key to making something that you really love.

Algo sobre que sempre convém ter-se umas luzes, são os Sistemas de correias, o que se ensina, aqui, e ainda, tem um Link para um Robot!
É bom!

Basic Pulley Mechanismsprinteraction
From tank treads to bike gears to fishing lines, pulleys are used all over the place when it comes to mechanical transmissions. All types of pulley mechanisms consist of some sort of flexible belt (chain, cable, rope, etc.) turning around the circumference of a wheel, and pulleys can be incredibly useful in a variety of situations. In this Instructable I'll go over some basic pulley concepts and interesting mechanisms, and hopefully you'll be able to design your own pulley systems and make stuff like this!

..E para terminar em beleza, por hoje, que tal uma Fresa CNC por 20 Dólares?
Cá vai ela:

$20 CNC MachineTchbuilder
I got inspired for this instructable when I viewed the Easy To Build Stepper Controller
instructable .When I read the instructable I knew I could make a decent looking and functioning cnc machine for under 20 dollars with a recycled twist, Not to mention I did this in under a week.
I expect you to have basic knowledge on power tools and hand tools
and of course this instructable requires you to have a rotary tool such as a dremel.
Even if you don't have knowledge on power tools or hand tools I advise you to try this instructable because you will learn a lot about hand and power tools and you can build this for less then 20 dollars
so if you mess up it's no biggie and it would not cost to much to replace a part.
Let's Build!

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