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sexta-feira, 17 de julho de 2015

Rodas Dentadas em ARAME! E uma impressora com 6(!) Cabeças, mais uma melhor Antena Wi-Fi,

Isto é tanto uma excelente ideia, como um regalo para os olhos, tanta maestria, em tão pouco Vídeo! E não se esqueçam que isto pode ser tanto feito em Arame Meálico quanto em varetas de Plástico, ou, quem sabe, mesmo Filamento das Impressoras 3D...

See an Artist Make Working Gears from Wire

Jordan Bunker
Arthur Ganson is one of my all time favorite kinetic artists, so when I found out he had a YouTube channel, naturally, I watched every one of his videos. Many of the pieces in his portfolio involve gears made of wires, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he had a video showing how he makes them.
In the video, Ganson takes you through the whole process of making a wire gear from scratch, starting with what looks like a homemade wire-bending jig. Along the circumference of the jig, there are a series of holes where pins can be inserted to mark what angle the wire should be bent to. The wire is bent back and forth to form each tooth of the gear, with each one forming another arc of the circle.

Eis algo que pode imprimir 6 objectos ao mesmo tempo, ou uma àrea de 6 vezes uma Impressora normal!
E, outra vez numa só Impressão, podem-se usar até 6 Materiais diferentes...
Ou 2 Materiais diferentes, em 3 Objectos, 3 Materiais, em 2 Objectos, etc. 
Dica de Peter Smith, da 3D Printers Online Store, é de ver, com atenção:

Allied Dimensions to launch LSBP 3D printer

3D Printers Online Store 

The 3d printing industry sees a new desktop 3d printer almost every day; most of them look like clones of some or the other 3d printer. We have actually stopped taking about these printers as we are very skeptical about the future of these clones, but once in a while we come across a revolutionary concept printer that sweeps us off our feet. We are here today to discuss about one such printer; it’s called the LSBP 3D printer (which stands for large scale multi material).

E para melhorar a Recepção, e Emissão, nas vossas Ligações Wi-Fi, que tal, esta Antena?
Mais sólido que uma Cantena (Lata-Antena), penso eu... 

WiFi Extender, Steam-punk Yagi?


So I had this shed. A nice shed. Dry-wall on the walls and ceiling. More like a 'mother-in-law' unit.
But is was so far from the house, I could not Wifi.
So I made a better antenna for my external-antenna WiFi card.
I had been mucking about with Can-tenna designs, but wanted something more betterful.
So I made this.
BTW, this machine no longer exists. Re-purposed into many bits. 

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