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segunda-feira, 25 de maio de 2015

Um carro eléctrico numa Hora! E Moldagem de Resina, como actualizar máquinas CNC, re-carregar o Smartphone, de uma Pilha, e a Handibot ao Torno!

Para poupar na Gasolina, não há como montarem o vosso próprio Automóvel Eléctrico em uma Hora ou menos!
É bom!
OSVehicle’s Tabby EVO: Build This Open-Source EV in an Hour
Mike Senese
 The OSVehicle team wants to revolutionize the way the world makes its transportation, and today introduces a new platform that will help bring auto building to the community and individual level.
Named Tabby EVO, the vehicle can be built in just an hour in a moderately equipped workshop. It features an 80v/15 kW electric drivetrain with a range of 87 miles and a top speed of 80 mph. It has a 93-inch wheelbase and can be configured for 2-4 passengers. Its upgraded frame and suspension help qualify it for L6e, L7e, and M1 licensing for street-legal use in Europe and the US, as well as allow it to be used for off-road purposes. 


Já reparei que os Instructables sobre Moldagem e/ou Fundição em vários Materiais, são muito populares... 
Pois aqui está este Instructable, sobre Moldagem de Resina, que vos permite produzir objectos translúcidos em Resina, e de um tamanho considerável:

Resin Casting Tutorial - Moldmaking
When I started to make my Umi costume, it soon became apparent that I would have to make my own custom molds. You can usually buy or find something to cast common gem shapes, but sometimes the size you need won't be commercially available. In the above pictures, all the front tabard gems, headband gems, and waist cincher gems were made from custom molds using silicone rubber from Smooth-On. (The small ovals and small circle gems were made from a Michael's resin casting tray and a generic $1 paint tray respectively. 

Caso ja'se tenham arrependido de ter comprado uma Máquina CNC, de que veio logo a seguir um Modelo melhor, podem aprender, neste Tutorial em várias partes, como actualizar a Máquina, e assim, estarem mais felizes com o Fabbing: 

Upgrading a CNC milling machine Part 1


Compact CNC machines have been around for a long time and there are affordable and often well built units available to buy from surplus suppliers and via auction. Provided a machine is of good quality and has not been abused the hardware will likely work for many years to come.
Though the mechanical side may be serviceable it can be a different story when it comes to the software; the machines may not come with their original control computers, if they do this may not boot or may be missing the security 'dongle' for the control software. In addition there have been numerous improvements in motor drive technology in recent years.
We have a Denford Novamill 3-axis mill that came with a rusty old computer that did not boot up. From initial inspection the mill itself looked promising, leaving us with the challenge of connecting a new computer with new software to run the machine.
In this first post we will determine how our machine is wired and bring it up to date with new stepper motor drive electronics, and with a brand new embedded control computer.


Não há mais simples, simpático e ùtil que este Porta-Chaves que recarrega os vossos Smartphones, Celulares, Telemóveis, I-Pads, etc. 
Até dá para, se quizerem, ganharem uns cobres, penso eu, com quase nada, Sugru, ou o muito mais barato Oogoo, e uma Pilha quadrada de  9Volts... 

Keyring Phone ChargerShakeTheFuture
In this Instructable, I made a simple keyring charger.
It can charge your phone's battery with a standard 9v battery.
If you ever travel and find that your battery is dying, just get a 9v battery and use your keyring to charge your phone.
For this project you'll need:

Car's USB charger
Micro USB to USB adapter
2x 9v batteries or battery connectors


Isto é um espectáculo, a Fresa CNC portátil Handibot, a fazer peças de Xadrez, ao torno!
Sim, com um Acessório lá deles, podem tornear peças com essa máquiia excepcional...

Watch Handibot Cut 3D Chess Pieces
Nathan Hurst
The portable Shopbot CNC tool, Handibot, fits on a rotary indexer, churning out extra-large chess pieces from acrylic in the middle of Maker Faire. The environment is loud, and the shop vacs are running almost constantly, but engineer Ryan Sturmer says it’s the perfect environment to demo the tool.
“We have taken the internal electronic and software framework of our tool, and replaced it with something that is web capable, that you can access from your mobile device,” he says. “Your CNC tool will actually have an app.”
It’s targeted at Makers. Shopbot now has open-source FabMo software, a digital fabrication platform for PC, Mac, Linux, and mobile, and Sturmer hopes to see developers building apps for it.

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