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terça-feira, 14 de abril de 2015

Uma Impressora 3D a cores! e Plástico feito em casa, ainda mais uma Impressora 3D feita em casa, e um Sistema de Alarme... Feito em casa!

Dica vinda primeiro de Scarlett Jackson, cá vai esta boa nova para todos os Engenhocas, uma Impressora 3D com várias cores de Impressão!
É bom!
Agora, sim, podem fazer os vossos próprios Brinquedos, Maquetes, Modelos, e sei lá que mais!

Diamond Hotend makes multi-color 3D printing possible from a single nozzle
Francis X Govers III 

Entrepreneurs in Denmark have taken another step towards improving the general usability of 3D printers with the Diamond Hotend, a single 3D extruder unit that can mix and melt three filaments together and produce items in a rainbow of colors.
The most common type of home or hobbyist 3D printer is the Fused Deposition Modeler, or FDM type of printer, which works by melting a plastic filament with a heater element (the "hot end") and extruding the melted plastic out of a small nozzle, much like icing a cake.
Current hot ends can only handle one filament at a time, so the types of 3D printers that can handle multiple colors require a different hot end for each one. This causes a number of problems: the nozzles must be exactly the same height from the work surface, or they will damage each other’s work; the distance between the nozzles must be carefully calibrated and the printer’s software must make corrections to keep the output in the same place.

Mais uma maneira de serem Engenhocas independentes, façanhudos, e dotados, eis como fazerem o vosso próprio Plástico, em casa...

Make Your Own Plastic

Many of us use plastic in our projects, but did you know you can melt down and reuse much of the plastic found in your house? In this instructable you'll see how to recycle plastic to be reused for whatever you want.

For this method we will be reusing high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. You can identify this plastic by the recycling symbol on the bottom of most plastic containers. HDPE will be identified by a small "2" in the center of the recycling symbol, and will sometimes even be accompanied by "HDPE" written next to the symbol.
When compared to ABS plastic:
  • density - .958g/cc
  • tensile yield strength - 20.6MPa
  • melting point - 129 C
  • density - 1.05g/cc
  • tensile yield strength - 41.5MPa
  • melting point - 220 C
While HDPE is not as strong as more widely used polymers such as ABS, it is good for low stress applications such as project enclosures, lightweight mounting solutions, and more. And the best part, it's free!


E ainda mais esta Impressora 3D para fazerem em casa, é só escolherem qual a melhor para vocês...

Edge 3D Printer V.2.0 

Hello, In this instructable I will show you how to make a very low cost, lightweight 3D printer. This 3D printer is about the same size of the printrbot simple, but has a bigger print bed at 6x 5.5x 4 Inches, weighs less than the printrbot simple at about 5.1 pounds, the printrbot simple weighs around 7 pounds.
New instructions should be much easier to follow and I've included more photos.
***Please vote for this Instructable in the CNC challenge (upper right corner)! I'm 13 and I designed and built this myself so please, if you like this instructable favourite, vote and comment. It encouages me to keep doing what I do. If you really want to help me, please share this project with your friends that might like this instructable***


E eis este Projecto, o vosso próprio Sistema de Alarme de detecção de movinmento, feito em casa, já têem mais algo de útil para fazerem com um Raspi, para aproveitar alguma velha Webcam que tenham praí!

Motion Detection Alarm System 

A basic USB camera can be used to detect motion in a room. In the following steps we will show you how you can use Reactive Blocks to program a ready to run Java application that sends SMS when motion is detected. With Reative Blocks you make Java SE applications so the alarm application can be deployed on any machine with Java SE and a camera attached or integrated. The application is easily deployed on the Pi since the Raspbian release has Oracle Java pre-installed. .
This is what you need:
  1. Raspberry Pi Model B+ with Raspbian OS
  2. Standard USB camera
  3. Ethernet cable
  4. Screen and keyboard for the Pi
  5. Windows or MAC computer with JDK
  6. Reactive Blocks, an Eclipse plugin, to program the application.


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