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quinta-feira, 9 de abril de 2015

Um Robot Cortador de espuma, Actobotics, e 3 novos Materiais de Impressão

Este Instructable é porreiro primeiro, porque nos ensina a fazer um Cortador de espuma de rolo, e depois, porque nos apresenta este Sistema de contrucção, o Actobotics, que é incrível, e não só para Robots!

primeiro ao Robot:

Robot Foam Cutter


In the course of making stuff for myself and my customers, I frequently perform tedious tasks that could be automated. One of these is cutting foam sheets from a large roll. In the picture you see the roll of foam I start with and the desired end result, which is a stack of 12" by 71/4" pieces of foam. I've used paper cutters, rulers and razor blades, and so on and always dreaded when I ran out and had to cut more.
I've been experimenting with the Actobotics™ robot assembly system from ServoCity, and while cutting my last batch of foam realized that I should be able to make an affordable machine to do this for me. The second picture shows the result: the Robot Foam Cutter.
While you may not need a machine to do the same thing, this Instructable may give you some ideas for automating some of the tedious things you need to do.
UPDATE: I've attached a bill of materials (BOM) spreadsheet with prices in the parts section. My total cost for this project, not counting parts on hand, was about $300. Depending on your frame of reference, this may seem scary expensive or pocket change. For me time is money, and sometimes I have more money than time. For the amount of time this has saved me in the past, and will in the future, it is well worth it.

Passemos agora ao tal Sistema Actobotics, uam achado!
Imaginem um Meccano, mas com estrutura para coisas a sério, e estes furinhos todos que vos permitem atarrachar-lhe o que quizerem, e ONDE quizerem!
Só isto, por si, era muito bom!

É uma quantidade de Motores, Roldanas, Rodas Dentadas, Correias, Tubos, Kits, e mais um sem-fim de acessórios e peças, que fazem contruír um Protótipo, uma brincadeira...
...Mas com resultados de respeito!


Actobotics is a ball bearing based precision building system. The unique overlapping hole patterns allow for virtually unlimited mounting possibilities, and the precision components offer structures with tight tolerances and low friction. The intuitive design makes building easy for both the experienced engineer and novice hobbyist. As you can see from the product categories shown below, the Actobotics line is vast and continues to expand at a rapid pace. We hope you enjoy working with Actobotics as much as we do!


Três de uma vez, que temos mais que fazer, cá vão Materiais novos para imprimirem em 3D, um, mais preciso, outro re-ciclado, e outro super-forte:

Mais preciso, dica da 3D Printers Online Store,um Material, que por ser mais bem-fabricado, garante Impressões sem problemas de Qualidade:

FILAMENTO - World's Next Generation 3D Printer Material
A new company Creadition produces a series of high quality printing materials has launched in KickStarter that will take you by surprise, especially if you have used other filaments before. I hope everyone would have come across bad prints. There are many factors that rely on the poor quality of prints mainly due to poor quality of filament, jumping, irregular extrusion, bubbles. If you have faced these problems before then you will prefer to order FIAMENTO.

Reciclado, notícia da mesma Fonte, eis algo que é produzido a partir de desperdício alimentar, sim, restos de comida!

Agridust - 3D printing filament from food waste

Is 3d printing a Green Technology? This is one question most people try to avoid, in fear that their answer might just start an un-ending debate. We have been pulled into many such debates and one thing that we have learned from it is that taking sides can make your best friend on of your fiercest opponent. According to us the debate supporting it or against it is completely unfair as consumer 3d printing is in its infancy. And like we all know kids learns from their mistakes, we should give 3d printing some time to mature as a fool proof solution to production of every day products.

E por fim, dica da Makezine, um super-resistente Filamento da Taulman3D, este, não dá de si tão fácilmente, e é alegadamente, tão resistente quanto o ABS:

Taulman3D Releases New, Super Strong Nylon Filament

Matt Shultz

Tom Martz of Taulman3D joined the crowds at the Midwest RepRap Fest this past weekend in Goshen, Indiana. While there, Tom took to the stage to present his company’s brand new Alloy 910, a high-strength nylon filament. Alloy 910 came about after Taulman’s corporate clients asked for a stronger nylon formulation with less flexibility than many other nylons. Tom and his team managed to formulate a new filament that has a tensile strength of 8,100 PSI, and only 25% maximum elongation (compared to ABS 5,800 PSI and 30% elongation). The Taulman team also claims that 910 has a comparable shrinkage as PLA, making it a great material for printing large rugged prints.


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