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quinta-feira, 16 de abril de 2015

Resolução INCRÍVEL! E Brinquedos à farta, Lagartas 1:10, e aprendam em 11 Sites

Isto é fenomenal, e se sonhavam com o Impossível, bem, ESTE já cá canta!!!
É que para aqueles Protótipos com peças em que a Fidelidade à superfície tem de ser alta, isto é uma forma de não falharem!

Announcing Frosted Extreme Detail (or FXD), our highest resolution 3D printed plastic ever

Today we are excited to announce our newest material, Frosted Extreme Detail! It uses the same resin and printer as our popular material Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD), but it’s almost twice as detailed! Frosted Extreme Detail, or FXD for short, 3D prints using 16 micron layers (vs FUD’s 29 micron layers). This means 3D prints that have unprecedented detail and surface finish, sharper edges, less stepping, and stronger walls and wires. It’s perfect for the most demanding miniatures, figurines, and molds and masters for casting.

Design guidelines are the exact same as FUD, so all your existing FUD designs are printable and you can get started designing amazing new things right away! Pricing for this material is $5.00 startup and $5.99 per CC. The difference in price compared to FUD is that the thinner layers take longer to print and use more material.

Eis algumas páginas que descobri no Pinterest, sobre Brinquedos e Puzzles em Madeira, que, se não vos alegrarem e inspirarem, não sei o que mais inspirará!!!
Cada Link dá para uma data de Projectos diferentes, por isso, há para todos os gostos...

Wooden Toys
Mary Kay Marsh




Константин Крапивин

E eis este Proejcto para Modelos RC à maneira, Lagartas e tudo, e de que outra maneira é que vão pôr o Jipe a andar na Neve?
Vejam só isto:

RC car tracks in 1/10 scale

Earlier this fall, I was in the hobby shop to pick up some parts for my Sawback Gmade GM52000 and saw a set of what looked like tiny MatTracks to install on it. Not wanting to spend the $250 the hobby shop wanted for the used set, i thought to myself, "hey! I can make these!"
Since then, I've been through several dozen revisions, getting the fit and look just right, and trying to find all the necessary hardware, along with setting up my printer to handle the rubber material needed to print the tracks and other rubber parts from.
My original design used my own shape of frame, which improved upon other available designs by offering a longer ground contact patch and slightly higher axle lift, while still maintaining clearances to prevent rubbing. My latest design is actually a direct copy of the tracks used on Ken Block's F150 Raptor, "RaptorTrax". I searched the internet for a clear picture, and using measurements from the photo and specs from the Mattracks website, came up with this design, which looks surprisingly realistic. 


Aprender é muito importante, por isso, cá vão, não um, nem dois, nem três, mas 11 Sites ara aprenderem, que é grátis!
É bom!

11 Amazing Sites To Teach Yourself Anything
Raven Fon

Acquiring a new skill and expanding your knowledge doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. There are many easily accessible, free services on the web that can help educate you on countless topics. Tutorials, instructional videos, even classes are available to teach you a variety of skills, from changing the oil in a car to learning a new language – it’s up to you!  Enjoy checking out these 11 sites- you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for.

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