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segunda-feira, 13 de abril de 2015

Façam! Um Sistema Operativo, Lentes, Hidrogénio, uma Impressora 3D impressa, e uma linha Laser.. Mais uma grande Impressora Texana, e uma Ipressora sem fumos

É preciso dar vazão a isto tudo, que se acumulou, por isso, lá vão 4 Instructables duma vez, mais uma Impressora avantajada, e outra, sem fumarada!

Um Sistema Operativo!
Aprendam como fazer o vosso próprio Sistema Operativo, vocês é que lá sabem para o que seja.

Make A Simple Operating System

Ever wanted to make an Operating System? Ever waned to know how command line operating systems work? Everything's here!
So we'll make a basic Operating System in C#, don't worry, if you even know some basics of c++ or java, you'll understand the code :D
By end of this tutorial, you'll be able to make your cool operating system!

Façam as vossas próprias Lentes, e tal qual precisarem delas, usando o Ray-Tracing para preverem o resultado!

Making Custom Lenses

The world of optics and lens manufacturing has traditionally been closed off to non-experts. It doesn't have to be that way. Using rapid prototyping tools like 3D printers and CNC routers, making a lens is easier than you might think.

You can use the technique outlined in this Instructable to make very large lenses, lenses that produce special effects, and sculptural lenses with freeform shapes. You'll need to know how to use a CNC router or have access to a nice 3D printer. With one of the two you'll be able to start making lenses right away.

E para quem quer criar alguma coisa relacionada com Hidrogénio, como um carro que anda à borla, ou uma reconstituição Histórica do Hidemburg (MUÁHÁHÁHÁ!), cá fica o Instructable, com o AVISO, o Hidrogénio é perigoso, e só deve ser produzido por Adultos, e com todas, mas todas, as Precauções, e NUNCA numa sala fechada!

DIY hydrogen generator
Make it BIG

If you like my project please vote for it in the Explore Science Contest.
This Instructable shows, how to build an easy DIY hydrogen generator.

Materials needed for this project:
- Empty container with lid
- Cables
- Pencil
- Luster terminals
- Hot glue gun
- DC Power Supply
- Drill
- Funnel
- Balloon

Esta Impressora 3D é Impressa, ela mesma, por isso, se tiverem um Fablab à mão, deve sair barato...

Long Bed Printed 3d Printer

The Long Bed 3d Printer was created to see how much of a 3d printer could be printed. That lead me to design a frame that could be printed on a heated bed, soon discovered I needed a larger build surface. After making a way to accurately control a larger bed, I had the maximum size that the frame pieces could be. By combining different parts I was able to get the main frame down to 9 pieces.

This Printer Can Reproduce Most of the Parts to make itself
Thanks for Checking This Out

Uma Linha Laser, não uma simples mas uma linha toda à volta, atenção Arqueólogos, é o que podem fazer assim:

The DIY Laserline
by slurgXX

I have a project coming up, that needs a laserline, that creates a line over a 3 dimensional object in order to mark and cut it somewhat precicely. I´ve attached some pictures, materials i used ( materials i didn´t use) and some shots after finishing the piece.
But lets get to it, here is what you need to bild the thing*
*( some parts are just what i had around, and can be replaced with other random similar stuff, but we get to that later.)

...E se sempre quizeram imprimir uma Sanita(!) ou um Motor dum Automóvel, cá está a Impressora 3D feita no Texas, onde tudo é maior...
Gosto disto. LOL

Gigabot Proves Even 3D Printing is Bigger in Texas
Tyler Winegarner

After their wildy successful first Kickstarter back in 2013, re:3D’s latest iteration of Gigabot, an extra large 3D printer, is Open Gigabot, which currently has two days left on its Kickstarter campaign. The Open Gigabot files are being released on Wevolver, a social enterprise for open source hardware.
Make: spoke with re:3D Co-Founder Katy Jeremko about the ecological inspiration behind the jumbo-sized printers. She says that re:3D wanted to “allow individuals worldwide to 3D print composting toilets or other human-scale solutions from trash.” The team decided to focus on developing a toilet printer, now known as the Gigabot. (Jeremko mentioned that they later found 3D printing with trash to be extremely difficult!)

E da 3D Printers Online Store, esta Impressora 3D é pensada para não vos dar mais problemas que uma Impressora de Papel A4, nem fumos nem Calibrações, uma limpeza, que podem ter a imprimir no vosso quarto.

ZYXX Fume Free Professional 3D Printer
Welcome to the fume free, adjustments free and hassle free new world of 3D Printing.
Focus on your ideas instead of on your printer.

Technical Specifications:

  • Print Technology: Fused Filament Fabrication(FFF).
  • Build Volume: 270x230x195 mm.
  • Filament diameter: 1.75 mm.
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm.
  • Max Resolution: 50 microns layer thickness, 11 microns XY positioning.
  • Speed up to 150mm/s print speed, 200mm/s travel speed.
  • Printing temperature: 100-265 Degrees Celsius.
  • Filament type: PLA, ABS, Flexible PLA, TPU, Nylon, PET, Laywood, Laybrick, T-glase.
  • Interfaces: USB, SD Card
  • Stepper Motor type: 1.8° Step angle, 1/16 micro stepping.
  • Build Plate Glass build plate with ZYYX 3D Print Sheet top layer.
  • Firmware Custom Sailfish Open Source FW.
  • 3D Printing Software: Simplify3D.

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