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segunda-feira, 6 de abril de 2015

Dia de Instructables Impecáveis

O meu trabalho está facilitado, hoje, Instructables tão indispensáveis, para tanta gente, que, para bom Engenhocas, meia palavra basta!
Sem mais cá vão eles, que é uma limpeza...

Primeiro, não gastem mais que 30 Dólares para fazerem este bacano Scanner 3D, e começarem a digitalizar tudo o que sejam Objectos à mão.
Para que não vos falte nada, até o Software, o Sardauscan, é incluído!

Build a 30$ laser Scanner

This instructable will guide you to build a 3D scanner for less than $30, or even $12 if you already have a USB webcam.
Seeing the price tag and limitations of commercial scanners I decided to challenge myself to build my own. It had to be cheaper and easy for anybody to build one using a 3D printer.
The "Sardauscan" is a laser scanner, comparable to other professional laser scanners but for less than 20-30 times the price, and it has twice the number of lasers.
My design principles were:
· Keep it simple
· Keep it low cost
· Make it evolutive
· Provide a complete solution
The scanner is completely open source and open hardware:
· The "Sardauscan" software is written in C# - the full source code is available.
· You can write plugins for your own hardware or for your tasks.
The software allows you to scan, smooth, build meshes and export to various formats.

Mas, já agora, que estamos nisto, porque não construírem o vosso próprio Smartphone?

Build Your Own Smartphone


This tutorial brings you from start to finish in constructing your very own smartphone. You will start by 3D printing a case, then soldering printed circuit boards together, assembly, and finally installing a mobile OS onto your phone and using Python to make it yours. You can learn more about this project at
Skills Required:
  • Basic Soldering
  • Familiarity with the Raspberry Pi
Lots of time and Patience

...E quando falta alguma Ferramenta, na Oficina, como seja, no Torno de Madeira...
Façam vocês mesmo!

DIY Lathe add ons


I bought a small harbor freight lathe for 200 something and never had the money to buy all the tools I wanted for it. so I started creating them as I went. hope you are inspired.

Quase no fim, eis como fazerem um pequeno CNC com o Arduin, só para saberem como se faz...
para fazerem, depois, maior!

Mini Arduino CNC


This instructable shows you how to build a cheap and easy, but very small CNC using Arduino UNO. You can use it to mill thin wood, different foams or you can use it for plotting different sketches and also can be used for engraving and etching purposes.Inspired by the Small Arduino CNC (thank you very much for your help), i made it easily.
For this project you will need:
3 old CD/DVD-Roms
1 Computer power supply
3 Easydriver boards
1 Arduino Uno
2 pieces of Wood

...E para rematar, cá vai esta Máquina CNC que faz de tudo, Impressão 3D, Fresa 3D, e corte  Laser, numa só caixa!
É bom?
É nada menos que ter tudo para se ser um Fabber, num só canto da Oficina!

Triple Threat: BoXZY Puts Printing, Milling, and Lasers in One Small Box 

Matt Schultz

On my way to the Midwest RepRap Fest, I stopped in at HackPittsburgh to meet up with the BoXZY team and take a look at their new machine in person. BoXZY is doing well on Kickstarter; with its promise of being an all in one 3D printer, milling machine, and laser etcher, it’s enticing backers. The BoXZY features a thick aluminum case that creates a stiff structure to help support its milling function. All movements are achieved with precision ball screws instead of the belts often found in 3D printers. I expressed my concern about the exposed screws getting “gummed up” from the milling operation, but the team ensured me that through their testing they have not seen any contamination in their bearings from milled material, and that they are working on a system to help ensure this.

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