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terça-feira, 21 de abril de 2015

Como Funciona, 2 vezes! E 3D fôfo(!), reciclar Sacos de Plástico para placas, e Batatas no Terraço!

Eis como funcionam as coisas, em 3D, uma fonte de inspiração para qualquer Engenhocas!

Explain 3D: Understand how things work Alyn Wallace
Explain 3D is a system of interactive educational simulations that can help you to understand how things work. Simulations are built in an interactive 3D environment, which brings fun to learning, is engaging and it also helps to develop logical thinking.
Explain 3D is a great tool for learning new things in a fun way. Principle of operation is shown through interactive simulations. You can zoom in and out, rotate and move assemblies in a 3D environment. Moreover, you can make objects semi­transparent and see operation cycles from the inside. Main parts and objects of simulations are described and explained and you can get more information with a simple tap on the object.
This makes learning more interesting and developes logical thinking, because the user has to think about principle of operation.


Pois há mais!
Mais esta página, deste Génio Vietnamita, para compreenderem como uma dat de Mecanismos funcionam!
1700 Mecanismos?
É uma alegria!

Understand 1,700 Mechanical Linkages with these Helpful Animations
Ronald Jaramillo

Mr. Đức thắng Nguyễn (Duc Thang Nguyen) is an engineer from Vietnam. Since his retirement in 2002, he has being working on an amazing animated 3D catalog of mechanical contraptions. Using Autodesk Inventor as a tool, he has documented over 1,700 mechanisms. All from gears, couplings, clutches, differentials to detailed examples of movement conversions. For every mechanism Nguyen has generated a corresponding animated YouTube video. These videos are an invaluable source to understand some of the more convoluted and challenging mechanisms. The video-clips portray a mesmerizing collection of kinetics sculptures on their own and can be enjoyed for their sheer aesthetic value.

E se queriam fazer Ursinhos de Peluche em Impressão 3D, (?), já a Disney andou a pensar nisso, e eis o  resultado:

Disney 3D Prints with Fabric, Makes Soft Interactive Toys
Caleb Kraft

he folks at Disney have been exploring some really interesting techniques for fabrication. Their latest is this interesting method of 3D printing with fabric.
The process is best described as an automated system for assembling laser cut layers of fabric. Their machine resembles a tiny assembly line more than a standard 3D printer.
First, a vacuum platform holds a roll of fabric with the bottom exposed. A laser cuts the shape of the object and support material from below while the vacuum holds everything in place.
Then, the laser is removed from the area and the “build platform” raises to accept the cut piece.
Next, a tool is deployed to adhere key points of the fabric to the build platform or previous layer.
This process is repeated until you have a solid block of fabric constructed from the desired object and the support material. This block must be manually finished by carefully removing the support material to reveal the “printed” object.

E eis um Instructable bem ùtil, como reciclarem todos os vossos Sacos de Plástico, em Placas, para as vossas Engenhocas, ou lá o que mais for...

Recycle Plastic Bags Into Usable Plastic Sheets
DIY Hacks and How Tos 

Plastic bags are something that we all have lying around. Most of these bags can be recycled. You can even recycle them yourself at home. In this project I am going to show you how to fuse plastic bags together to make thick sheets of plastic that you can use in your craft projects. 

...E como não sabemos o que poderá acontecer no Futuro, precavenham-se, aprendendo como cultivar Batatas à larga, num espaço mínimo, com só duas Ferramentas, ou mesmo só uma, com este How-to:

How to grow 100 pounds of potatoes in 4 square feet step by step DIY tutorial instructions 

I always look for ways to improve my gardening efficiency as I don’t have a big yard. I grew potatoes in the last two years. They are really yummy. And it is easy and fun to grow them. The problem is that it takes a lot of space to grow them. Not anymore after I found this approach. You can literally grow 100+ pounds of potatoes in a 2×2 feet space. Excellent idea.
  • 2×6″ boards of 8 ft long… 6 pieces
  • 2×2″ board of 12 ft long… 1 piece
  • 2 and 1/2″ wood screws… 96 pieces
  • Screw drivers
  • Saw (optional, you may get your boards cut at the store where you buy them)

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