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segunda-feira, 9 de março de 2015

X-Carve? E o Seebrick, uma Cãmara de Inspecção, Uma Mesa de Vácuo, e Moldes para tudo.

Da Inventables, vem-nos esta nova Fresa CNC, a XCarve, que podem configurar à vossa maneira, tanto no tamanho, como na potência da Fresa:

X-Carve: Inventables targets makers, startups with unveiling of the X-Carve
John Carpenter
Chicago-based design supplier Inventables took another step into the digital manufacturing sector Tuesday with the launch of X-Carve, a customizable computer-controlled milling machine.
The new model allows small makers to choose from a variety of features, from the size of the machine to the power of the cutting tool. The company says it can carve precision parts and other designs from plastic, wood and metal.
Inventables CEO Zach Kaplan ⇒ said companies making thousands of units of a product will still look to outsourced manufacturing options. He said the X-Carve targets hobbyists as well as maker startups that don’t yet produce the volume of bigger companies.

Seebrick é o resultado de se reunirem Mentes à volta de problemas concretos, do Terceiro Mudo, leiam isto para acompanharem esta Saga de ajudar a valer:

Starting small, aiming big

RS Components and Practical Action came together in a hackathon aimed at providing support to third world countries.

Three teams were brought together, made up of highly regarded engineers and designers including Ortis Deley from the Gadget Show, Adrian Bowyer, founder of the open source RepRap project and Jude Pullen from Design Modelling. Their aim was to produce an eco-friendly project that would generate electricity in third world countries. The teams had two days to plan, construct and present their ideas on how to enhance the lives of those living in poverty.

The first team, Maxwell, developed a way of producing power from the excess heat from cooking. The ‘SeeBrick’ that the team developed is made of clay and uses low cost metals (copper & steel) for wires. Its main function is to utilise the Seebeck Effect to create a voltage. Relying on the temperature difference to generate power, this brick is ideal for placement near a fire. The SeeBrick can generate enough power to light 15 LED lights. This innovation could supply a family home with enough light for reading, studying or even to charge a phone.

Necessárias na Oficina de qualquer Engenhocas, estas Câmaras vêem onde nós não chegamos, e não é perciso muito mais para explicar o que isso ajuda, quando montamos ou desmontamos alguma Maquineta...
E vem com uma data de Acessórios? 

New RS 8mm Probe Video Recording Inspection Camera Kit, LED Illumination 
RS Video Inspection Camera Kit

Professional and high quality video boroscope that makes it easy to inspect hard to reach and hard to see areas and equipment. Excellent for automotive applications, i.e. internal inspections and reading stamped identifications etc.


Moldes a Vácuo, sevem para carapaças de toda a ordem, e tudo o que se possa fazer com Chapa de Plástico...
Eis mais este Instructable, para fazerem a vossa mesa de Vácuo:

Large Vacuum Former 


We had a requirement for a big vacuum former, as many of our members were interested in costume making and cosplay and needed to be able to make torso size "armour" etc. so we first took look to see what was available commercially and soon realized anything we could afford even second hand would be way too small for our needs. Having decided that our only option was to build our own we scavenged the internet for ideas and came up with a basic design that evolved into the machine we have made.

E para, entre outras coisas, pouparem a vossa Impressora 3D, imprimindo apenas um Original, eis como moldarem o que quizerem:
Reparem que o bacano que fez este Instructable, faz uma série de outras coisas,. com Videos impecáveis:

How to mold and cast an action figure (or anything else)

I'm just stepping to a larger world with mold making, and the possibilities are endless! Here's a basic how-to for molding and casting, in this case, an action figure.
The video above shows you everything you'll need to know, but here's the run down.

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