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quinta-feira, 19 de março de 2015

3D com Pistola de Cola! E uma Impressora 3D por 100 dólares, 1 Fresa CNC, e tubo de PVC transformado em placa

Isto vai safar muito Inventor e Engenhocas, uma Engenhoca em Legomais uma Pistola de cola, e podem-se fazer muitas coisas, assim...
É uma caneta 3D de fazer em casa!
E o que é melhor, podem fazer o download dos Planos, são Open source.

Hot glue gun becomes handheld 3D printer with some help from Lego 

Paul Ridden

Given some biodegradable 3D printing filament and tasked with doing something creative with it, Vimal Patel built an extruder using Lego, attached it to a rather ordinary hot glue gun and ended up with a pretty funky 3D printing pen – a DIY 3Doodler if you will.
Before embarking on his Lego adventure, Patel did some preliminary work using the university's UP 3D printers to find out if he could incorporate zones of different stiffness into his single material objects. Though this proved possible, the layer by layer approach was found limiting and modeling and programming robotic assistance for extrusion along a path in multiple axes looked complicated, so he simplified the process.

 ...Podem também fazer em casa esta Impressora 3D Open Source, por cerca de 100 Dólares, que exige apenas uma noção elementar de Impressão 3D:

Edge 3D Printer - an affordable open source 3D printer! 


Hello everyone! In this instructable I will show you how to make a low cost 3d printer that I designed! It should cost around $150 US dollars or $175 Canadian dollars, if you buy from the links provided in this project (parts are from Aliexpress). You can also buy locally but it will cost more (about $300- $400 instead of $150).

You WILL need to have at least some knowledge in 3d printing top complete this project. 

Ou então, esta Fresa CNC que podem também fazer em casa, para as vossas pequenas peças, para fazerem peças em Metal, Madeira, e etc.

Basic beginners mini 3 axis CNC mill


I've been a CNC machinist just short of 20 years. Owned a Fadal 4020 with extended Z made some neat gadgets with it. About 5 years ago after illness I started back working and looked into and purchased some micro-controllers. All with the idea of building my own little machines. And explore what makes it all tick. Above are two pictures of where my build started and ended over a 24 day period. I'll be doing updates and more instructables around this project in the future. Please enjoy and criticize where needed my first Instructable and CNC competion.

Mas também podem aproveitar Tubo de PVC, para aí, aos pontapés, transformando-o em Chapa que depois podem fresar, ou trabalhar, para o que quizerem!

Recycle Old PVC Into Flat Sheets 

When you think about PVC, you're probably like me, and consider it as a tube. Well, it's pretty easy to get it into flat material for the shop. I flattened a 4" piece of schedule 40 PVC in about 20 minutes. You just need a heat gun and a flat surface. Odds are, you've got loads of the stuff sitting around the house. Why not recycle it into something useful? 

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