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segunda-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2015

Engenhocas ajudam o Mundo! E Thermite, a Dinamite dos Pobres, e o Cu-Box-i4 Pro

Mais de 50 Campos em que os Inventores, Fabbers, e demais Engenhocas podem ajudar a resolver problemas prementes deste Mundo?

50+ Global Issues Makers Can Solve
Michelle "Binka" Hlubinka 

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab—along with USAID’s Global Development Lab, The Lemelson Foundation, The Schmidt Family Foundation, Dalberg Global Development Advisors, The Good Company and OMG—has put together a list of challenges primed for Makers to solve. They call these “Top 50 Game-Changing Technologies for Defeating Global Poverty.” These are summarized in a 20-page list, and then fully explored in the full 600-page report. They shared this list “because the problems we all seek to address require urgent action,” and they invite the problem-solvers of the world (you, dear readers!) to “begin the conversation.”

Cá vai uma contribuíção da minha parte, desde há muito que se partem Rochas com fogo, e depois àgua, ou com cunhas em madeira, que se encharcam, mas depois, veio a Dinamite.
Mas em regiões onde não haja Dinamite, para Obras necessárias, ou até para destruír Minas já detectadas, (mas feito com um rastilho longo), que tal usar Ferrugem em pó, alumínio em pó, e gesso para o mesmo efeito?

Ou seja... Thermite! 

E de forma a ser moldado em qualque forma sólida.  

Atenção, no entanto, isto pode não ser tão perigoso quanto a Dinamite, mas é, à mesma, para ser manuseado por gente séria, e responsável...

Cast Thermite
There are plenty of Instructables and other how-to's on making Thermite, the incendiary mixture that can not only raise, but also burn, eyebrows. (The concept for this Instructable came from 'the Anarchists Cookbook', and since it doesn't give many's how I do it.) Now, there's nothing wrong with powdered forms of Thermite, that's how I got started a few years back, but sometimes you just want something rock solid that burns nice and bright/hot.

That's where Cast Thermite comes in. And the best part is, If you have some thermite on hand already, it's pretty easy to make! If you don't, never fear, for I will be starting at the beginning with nothing but the raw materials.

E mais um Computador para competir e/ou ser conjugado com o Arduino e o RaspberryPy, este Cubo, o Cu-Box-i4 Pro vem com muita coisa mais, e a um preço bastante razoàvel:

Box-i4Pro, the small cheap computer in a cube  
Lara Lopes
You’re probably pretty familiar with the success of the likes of the Rasberry Pi and Arduino boards, tiny little computers packed onto a single bare board lapped up by digital enthusiasts and hobbyists. Well, the CuBox-i4Pro is not all that different except it’s packed nicely into a case and this small cheap computer in a cube not only packs quite a bit of power it comes at an incredibly reasonable price.
It’s created by Israeli startup SolidRun who created the first Cubox back in 2013 and we’re now on version i4Pro. The cube measures just 2.17” (55 mm) in width, length and height and packs Bluetooth and Wifi capability. The system comes with Android pre-loaded on a 4GB micro SD card and can also run Debian Linux.

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