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segunda-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2015

CNC faça--você-mesmo! E um Teléóvel/Celular impresso em 3D, uma Impressora 3D Steampunk, e uma fábrica de Placascaseira!

Isto é um mundo de coisas boas!

Um Site duma Empresa que tem de tudo um pouco, para tudo de Robótica e CNC..
É bom!

19 Secções de máquinas e ofertas diferentes, ou para vocês comprarem Kits desde Fresas, e Cortadoras/gravadoras Laser CNC(!)...

...A componentes Pneumáticos e Hidráulicos, passando por Componentes deImpressora 3D, Electrónica, Hardware e Software.
E tudo para construírem vocês as Máquinas que quizerem!
Vão lá!
Who are we?
This website endeavor was started in late 2006 with a passion for building DIY CNC machines and sharing the knowledge so others can benefit. The main purpose of this website (the mission) is to offer free to low cost solution to provide automated fabrication to hobbyists. The products on this website are the hard to find parts that match (fit and function) the common level of the machines on this website and of the general DIY CNC machines found on the internet. We have a passion for designing these machines and products necessary for the easy assembly of these machines with explanations and tutorials with easy to read instructions. The customers and users of this website have made hundreds of suggestions and I have received more than 4000 testimonials. The individuals out in the world that actually built the machines on this website is vast and these responses encourage the updates and tutorials to spread the knowledge of CNC Machines and related technologies.

...Dica do nosso amigo Eddy de Ridder, eis um Telemóvel, ou Celular, ou caixa de chatices, faça-você-mesmo!
Pode parecer limitado, mas é configurável, e serve perfeitamente para quem não tiver paciência para aprender "modernices", ou como aparelho de reserva.

OwnFone launches custom 3D printable mobile phone on Kickstarter

A simple phone that will only allow you to contact a handful of people, and that won’t let you surf the web every five minutes? What’s the appeal of that? It might not seem like much to today’s teenagers, but if you stop to think about the advantages the OwnFone offers, you’ll be surprised about how useful it actually is.
Launched in 2011 by the English designer Thom Sunderland, the OwnFone is a deviously clever and surprisingly single concept. These 3D printed phones are approximately the size of a credit card, and feature a set number of numbers it can dial, like a child's parents, health care workers and the emergency number. Each button has been programmed to phone the person mentioned on it (the 'mom' button only phones your mom), and can even be modified to feature braille, rather than letters.

Os seguidores do Movimento Steampunk vão adorar esta Impressore 3D, que não fica mal o lado da Mobília Antiga, até parece parte dela!

Jules Verne Needed This Gorgeous Steampunk 3D Printer
Jeremy Cook 
3D printers and steampunk don’t generally go together (feel free to correct me on this), but for some reason this one fits in quite nicely. It’s based on a Printrbot Go, which is built into an unstained folding wooden case. John decided to stain this case, and after adding a few bumpers, the closed 3D printer looks like something out of the 1800s… That is unless you’re looking at the LCD display in the upper-left corner of the box.
Although he never removed the LCD display, (As John points out in the comments below, the LCD was an upgrade, the GO did not come with one)John did replace the bluish one that came with it with an amber-colored display. It still might not pass inspection before the age of transistors, but it does at least fit the color scheme. To compliment, and perhaps distract from, the LCD, analog temperature and humidity dials were added on the opposite side of the enclosure. This decision was justified by the fact that these variables could affect print performance.

Uma Placa electrónica envolve componentes que é dolorosamente complicado de colocar, sem uma Lupa de Relojoeiro, nos nossos dias, de tão pequenos que são...
Mas esta Máquina, faz isso por nós!
Indispensável, hoje em dia, em Garagens, Oficinas, Laboratórios, FabLabs e tudo o mais...

The Low Cost DIY Pick and Place Machine

LitePlacer is a pick and place machine aimed for a prototype building stage. LitePlacer:

  • is accurate! – Reliably places 0402 passives

  • is easy to assemble! – No special tools or precision instruments needed

  • has vision! – Two cameras

  • is affordable! – DIY kit is 1199€ / $1349

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