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sexta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2014

Blacksmith uma 3-em-1 3D! E uma mono-lagarta, mais Enfeites 3D de Natal, e Fundição em Cera

Mais uma boa dica de Sarlett Jackson, da 3DPrinters Online Store, uma Impressora 3D que como as de Escritório, Imprime, faz o Scan, e copia, tudo na mesma Máquina!

E também acho que a forma COMO imprime, com uma Plataforma rotativa, é mais rápida, e parfeita do que o Sistema de Treliça, usado nas Makerbots, por exemplo...

Blacksmith Genesis: Compact & Rotary All-in-One 3D Printer/Scanner/Copier

3D Printers are amazing technology, at present 3d printers available in the market is not a complete solution. Creating a real 3d object from 3d design is a tough task for people with less technical knowledge. To use 3D printing software and 3D design software, one should have sound design skills.

Innovative Rotary Platform:

Blacksmith's advanced processing method combines functionalities of 3d printing and 3d scanning in to a single device. No need to waste money for purchasing two different systems as 3d printer and scanner. Our machine allows you to create 3d design files by scanning real 3d objects. The scanned 3d files can be altered and merged through Blacksmith Sorcerer to form a real 3d object.

E vejam só como podem pôr as vossas Invenções em destaque, fazendo-as funcionar no Mundo real, com um Protótipo feito de peças impressas em 3D!
Este Instructable responde a uma data de perguntas que me fazem, constantemente, sobre como desenhar as ideias, transformar os desenhos em Objectos, e simular o funcionamento, etc...
O homem até pôs uma série de Vídeos no Youtube, a ilustrar várias fases do projecto! 
APRENDAM, que se querem VENDER as vossas Invenções, ou arranjar Investidores, ESTA é que a maneira de o fazerem:

Steerable Continuous Track Concept
In this Instructable, we will go through my adventure of designing and modeling a steerable track/tread (as in tank track). I will try and cover as much of the modeling and simulation steps as possible, I will try to communicate all the important information in the text but there might be useful tips and information in the picture annotation. I hope you can learn something from me here and I can learn from you too! so please comment (especially how to do things more efficiently with motion simulator)
So a little background on this project. (no important instructions here)
I recently started my internship at a construction/agriculture vehicle company (Kubota) and after speaking to a few of the employees there and looking through the catalogs, I learned that tracks that can be retrofitted to tractors are in high demand. The problem is the good quality ones are too expensive and the affordable ones very unreliable. The usual approach is to have a set of tracks for the front wheels and another set for the back allowing it to steer as usual.
So i thought to myself, what if we could have a track system that will be able to span from the front to the back and still be steerable. after making a few quick sketches and quick googling, i proceeded to work on the CAD model in Solidworks


E para animarem o vosso Natal, eis uma catrefa de Enfeites que podem descarregar para imprimir em 3D, cortesia da Cubify:

Deck the halls with FREE Crafting 3D Printables!

Set the scene for all your holiday hijinks! Print your own customized stocking stuffers, festive tree toppers and dazzling décor. Whether you’re into cute, cutting edge or classic tree trimmers, our Cube printables help you design it and create new traditions for your homemade holidays.


E, mais uma ideia para Enfeites e Presentes de Natal, a Fundição serve também para isto, do princípio ao fim, eis como se cria um Anel, num Instructable que vai agradar aos Designers e Engenhocas de toda a espécie:

Casting Rings - From Startup to Finish
Sure Hacksalot
Who has the budget for a customized, unique engagement ring? I certainly don't, especially being a college student. Heck, I had no idea how rings were even made. It wasn't until a friend of mine told me about how he designed his own engagement ring for his wife. This really intrigued me and so I started doing some research on how this process is done. Pretty soon I discovered how relatively easy it is to make your own ring (or any other small metal part) using materials from the hardware store, jewelry supply shops, and a few online vendors. So here I've put together a comprehensive step-by-step Instructable on how to put together all the tools necessary (and quite inexpensively) for casting rings.

I am not a professional jeweler, nor am I going to school to be one. I am a mechanical engineering student, which gives me many benefits and insights into building the tools necessary to make successful castings; however, no part of this process requires you to have an engineering degree, or any prior knowledge in making jewelry.

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