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sábado, 1 de novembro de 2014

Lumipocket, super-cola com precisão, e rejuvenenscer Plástico queimado pelo sol

Ainda estão a tempo de apoiar este Projecto na Indiegogo, que vos permite imprimir em 3D com uma precisão fantástica, até 10*10*10 Cm, e por pouco dinheiro:

LumiPocket: Affordable, High Quality 3D Printer
LumiPocket is a compact, high quality DLP 3D Printer. It has a printing area of 10cm diameter, 10cm tall, and supports many different types of printing materials, from a resin similar to PLA and ABS, to castable for jewelry. Other types include flexible or strong resins, even ceramic filled.


A Super-cola, é uma grande ajuda para os Engenhocas...
Quando não é um grande Transtorno, por colar o que não deve!

Por isso, estas Agulhetas para colar MESMO o que queremos, e nada mais, são uma ideia muito bem-vinda:

Make nozzles for precise glue applications 
How many times have you tried to use glue in a very precise application without making a mess and end up with your fingers glued together or to the stuff you are working on.
This is a very short yet helpful instructable to show you how to make your own superglue nozzles to help you in your precise gluing work.

E para tirarem os aspecto gasto e deslavado do Plástico submetido ao Sol, eis este Instructable para reverter o processo, e terem o Plástico de volta como novo...
Curiosamente, as coisas que se aprendem na Net, é uma Fórmula Open-source, desenvolvida por coleccionadores de Computadores antigos!!!

Reversing UV damage on ABS plastic
Like so many others, I have been in love with Star Wars since I first saw the movies as a child. I also have a lifelong love for costuming. These loves finally came together in the mid 2000's when I first met some members of the 501st Legion at a convention (for those not in the know, the 501st is an international charity costuming club, specializing in the bad guy characters from a galaxy far far away). In 2009 I joined the ranks of the legion as TK-5246.
While on the internet looking for ways of dealing with this cruel twist of fate I discovered Retr0bright. It's an open source formula of ingredients available at your local grocery store developed by vintage computer collectors. It supposedly reverses the process of UV discoloration in ABS. I thought surely there would be hundreds of threads about this on the 501st forums but alas, there were none. Some people mentioned it as a possibility, but it seemed most everyone stuck with the tried and true methods I spoke of earlier. After much debate with myself, I decided I had nothing to lose. I got my materials and tried it. The results are like magic, read on to see how I went about it.




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