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sexta-feira, 7 de novembro de 2014

Impressora 3D por menos de 300 Dólares! E Littlebits com LEGO, e o VisualMill 2014

Volta a baixar o preço duma Impressora 3D pronta-a-usar, para 279 Dólares!
Dica da nossa amiga Scarlett Jackson, fica cada vez mais fácil ter um bicho destes em casa!

Best Affordable MOD-t 3D Printer - $279

Many passionate people who always desire to bring things to market can choose 3d printing technology and that’s exactly what the team from New Matter doing by bringing the best affordable 3d printer to hit the market soon. Their ultimate principle is to provide the best affordable user friendly 3d printer to users.

Not just the starters got impressed and entered into this addictive manufacturing, People like Steve with well knowledge, experienced, and skilled people worked together to make this affordable yet high precision 3d printer, Steve co-founder who is having 10 years of experience in 3d printing technology has been the main gun for MOD-t 3d printer.
Frog which worked with many companies like Apple, Disney, GE, HP, Intel, Microsoft, gazillion and many more has worked for New Matter to get the right design, performance at very less cost. To their credit they have done exceptionally well to make MOD-3D.

Para vossa conveniência, seja para Projector escolares, Protótipos, Robots, etc, podem agore adaptar os módulos Electrónicos LittleBits às vossas peças de LEGO, e a partir daí, só a vossa Imaginação é o limite...

Brick Adapter

The Brick Adapter enables you to easily snap littleBits modules to LEGO® bricks. Each pack comes with brick adapter studs and sockets.

With brick adapter studs, your littleBits’ modules will defy gravity! Simply snap adapter underneath your LEGO® bricks and press the feet of your littleBits’ modules into place.

With brick adapter sockets, you can mount your littleBits’ modules on top of LEGO® bricks. Simply snap the adapter on your LEGO® bricks, and press the feet of your littleBits’ modules into place.

includes 8 adapters [4 studs and 4 sockets] to fit up to 24 modules littleBits modules can be adhered on top or below adapter instantly add light, sound and motion to any LEGO® creation 
build your own LEGO® robotics or motor driven vehicle and much more


E Fabbers, já chegou o VisualMill 2014, do qual podem descarregar já uma versão Demo Grátis, coisa séria, para Maquinação CNC, Moldes e estampagem:

VisualMILL 2014

on new platform VisualCAD/CAM 2014
VisualCAD/CAM 2014 includes VisualART, VisualMILL, VisualTURN and VisualNEST.
All module are available separately or as bundle.

CAM Software VisualMILL 2012
VisualMILL is ideal for mold, die & tooling, wood working, rapid-prototyping and general machining. This product includes 2-1/2, 3, 4 & 5 axis machining functionality. It comes with hundreds of free post-processors and a post-processor generator to create your own. Priced right for the cost concious buyer, VisualMILL CAM software delivers outstanding value for your investment.


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