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quarta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2014

Como VENDER as vossas ideias. E Multipart, encomendem todas as peças da vossa Engenhoca! Mais uma Máscara feita em casa, e um Regulador de Voltagem.

Eis um Vídeo, uma Entrevista da TheLipTV, a um Inventor de sucesso, que vos pode inspirar a vender as vossas ideias, e fazem bem em assistir:

Inventions and Making Money with Stephen Key 


Making money through inventions and licensing are discussed with Stephen Key, who unlocks the secrets of getting a foothold into the marketplace with your own ideas. Improving existing ideas, the investment required to launch products, and how to pitch ideas to companies are all discussed (plus the importance of watching Shark Tank), all in this Lip News interview hosted by Daniel DiPiazza.

Agora, é fácil ser-se Engenhocas!
Pois podem encomendar a Impressão 3D das várias peças da vossa maquinets, à Sculpteo, e vai tudo numa Encomenda. Montam tudo, como um Kit.
Ou, se mandarem um objecto, já montado no ficheiro 3D, um Boneco com articulações, por exemplo, o programa conta as peças, e depois a Sculpteo manda-vos a coisa já montada!
E ainda, podem encomendar várias peças iguais, se quizerem.
É bom!


Introducing “Multipart” : simplifying upload for multipart 3D files

To give you the best online personal 3D printing center, we’re always bringing new tools to our online interface. After the Repair Tool, Solidity Check, Cut-Away View, Batch Control for short series, Hollowing to hollow your 3D model, we’re introducing “Multipart” to easily 3D print a file that contains more than just one part. Whether you want to 3D print an object with moving parts or an object that requires the assembly of multiple parts, Multipart let you choose between two options when uploading your 3D file.

Podem fazer a vossa própria Máscara para quando trabalham na oficina ou vão procurar tralha ao Sótão, e esta, dura mais tempo, e não se estraga em 2 horas...
Em Couro, vai servir por anos, e faz-se em casa:

Functional Leather Respirator


Being a creative, hands-on person, you've probably worn a disposable dust mask many times during your projects. You've also undoubtedly noticed their limitations: They're uncomfortable, they get clogged fast, they become filthy as soon as you touch them, and they have the resiliency of a paper towel. There are nicer, re-usable masks out there, but they tend to be expensive, cumbersome, and plastic. Plastic is...not my cup of tea.

When I started this project, I just wanted something that would hold a disposable dust mask, making it less fragile and fit better. This was a utilitarian project, pure and simple. I think this is one of the reasons why I like the finished look of it so much.

Vão sempre precisar, alguma vez, de usar um, por isso, podem já aprender como o fazer, eis um pequeno Regulador de Voltagem:

Mini Adjustable Voltage Regulator

The goal was to make a variable power supply and make it as compact as possible. This is what I made. I know there are many other voltage regulator projects out there, but I wanted to make mine to suit my needs. This instructable assumes you know how to solder and basic knowledge of how to align circuit components in a tight configuration. Let me know if you have questions, or try for help also.
The items listed below are what I used, or something similar. It isn't necessary to use exactly the same components that I have used, but I am giving you a few links that might help. I also didn't use the capacitors like shown, because I only use it to power things temporarily, and typically don't care if there is some fluctuation.

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