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quinta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2014

2 Fresas CNC e uma Ferramenta.

Eis uma Fresa CNC que podem fazer com a vossa Impressora 3D!
Assim, ficam com 2 CNCs pelo preço de uma!

3D printed CNC mill


Ive designed this mill so that most of the parts that are hard to get or make can be 3D printed. Its design to be modular so you can easily change the size of the machine by changing either the sides or the front and back plates. Its accurate enough to cut and drill circuit boards, and small enough to fit in the boot of your car.

I used an UP printer using ABS plastic, and there is a common problem with most printers is that they print holes around 1-2% undersize, so the the holes for the bearings, bolts and nut has been drawn little oversize to compensate. I cant predict how they will fit with other types of printers or materials.

The sides and back are made with 2 layers of 3mm acrylic which can be laser cut if you have access to a laser cutter. Alternatively you could print the DXF files full size and cut and drill the material by hand.

Já que a Placa Arduino ameaça fazer a sua Impressora 3D, porque não fazer esta outra Fresa CNC, com a tal Placa Arduino? 
É só seguir as Instrucções:

Small Arduino CNC

This instructable shows you how to build a cheap and easy, but very small CNC. You can use it to mill thin balsa wood and different foams. Everything you need, can be found in old PC's or can be bought quite cheap (I paid ~30$). It was inspired by the Pocket laser engraver, but i added a third axis and now I am able to mill small 3D objects.

For this project you will need:
  • 3 old CD/DVD-Roms
  • 1 Computer power supply
  • 1 PC fan
  • 1 small DC motor
  • 3 Easydriver boards (can be bought on ebay ~2$ each)
  • 1 Arduino Uno (can be bought on ebay ~14$)
  • Screws, spacers, soldering iron, cables (old ribbons from PC's also work), some wood, a breadboard, screw terminals and some other supplies.

Business Card Folding Sheet Metal Wrench
doccuments the process of designing and building your own folding business card. A DIY business card engages the recipient to invest some time puzzling out the assembly, and learn how the designer's brain works. I encourage you to take the principles explained here and make your own unique design.

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