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quarta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2014

Portugal à volta do Mundo. E um GPS com o Arduino, e uma Roda Grande.

Dica do nosso amigo Alan Metcalfe, e seguindo a nossa Tradição de Circunvaladar o Mundo, eis um Drone Português que vai dar a Volta ao Mundo!
Sim, isto são boas notícias, duma Empresa Portuguesa que brilha por mérito próprio, e não por intervencionismo Estatal.

Drones to take IoT to remote regions of the world

Portugal firm Quarkson has built an unmanned aerial vehicle capable of flying around the world and acting as a communications satellite.
Called SkyOrbiter LA25, the drone is being proposed as a cost-effective way of providing internet communications to remote areas of the world where building terrestrial communications networks would be impractical.
Lisbon-based Quarkson writes:
“We are building a constellation of long-endurance unmanned aerial systems also known as SkyOrbiters, capable of flying for extremely long periods of time without landing or refueling. These flying satellites can be used to bring Internet access to the two thirds of the world’s population that currently doesn’t have access to it.”

Já podem ter um GPS económico, para saberem onde anda o vosso Veículo, basta arranjarem um Arduino, e fazerem como está aqui:

Arduino-Based Vehicle Tracker With GPS+GPRS
Cabe Atwell

Back in 2010 business marketing student Yasir Afifi found a tracking device (an Orion Guardian ST820) hidden underneath his car when he went to get his oil changed. 48-hours later the FBI came to his apartment to retrieve the device, which is understandable considering how expensive they are (around $6,000). With all the domestic spying going on by government agencies, why can’t the common citizens get in on the action as well?
Keeping in mind that you’ll probably be in a heap of legal trouble if you build one, Cooking Hacks has designed their own tracking device using an Arduino Uno as its foundation.

...E que tal fazerem esta Roda Grande, como a vossa máquina de corte Laser CNC?
Ou então, façam-na no FabLab mais próximo:

Ou então, façam-na no FabLab mais próximo: Laser Cutting & Assembly of 4 mm Ferris Wheel B

In this video, we use our Trotec Speedy 400 flexx to cut 4 mm thick hardwood to build my Ferris Wheel B which I designed ealier. distributes AI, CDR, EPS, DXF, STL, DAE, PartWorks and PDF files and scaled measurement free templates.

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