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quinta-feira, 18 de setembro de 2014

Easel para todos! Dremel 3D, e vendam o vosso Hardware na Bitlab!

O Software online Easel, que vos permite fresar no Shapeoko, um vosso desenho, vem agora, completamente grátis, e para todos, permitir-vos fazer maravilhas...
Façam o desenho no programa, ou importem-no dum ficheiro SVG, e até o podem inverter, para carimbos e serigrafia: 

Inventables Opens Their Easel CNC Software to All Users
Mike Senese

Today at MakerCon, Inventables’ Zach Kaplan announced that Easel, his company’s web-based CNC software, is moving out of beta testing and into full release for all users, for free.

Launched to a very limited number of users at SXSW in March, Easel works with Inventables’ Shapeoko CNC machine, allowing for fast design in a variety of materials and one-button simplicity. The company has slowly added additional testers while making sure that the software continued to perform safely and securely.

They’ve also been adding new functionalities, including an “open-in-Easel” button on the Inventables project pages, and a mirroring capability for creating inverse designs. Kaplan describes some of these latest features added to Easel, and shows off their latest rubber stamp project capability.

Chegou a notícia ontem, depois de ter publicado o post, (grrr...) mas ainda hoje é uma boa notícia, a Dremel vende agora uma Impressora 3D!
Poderiam também vender uma Fresa CNC, já que as Dremmel são, já agora, tão usadas para isso, mas não se pode ter tudo, ainda...
O que é importante, é que dentro em pouco, podem comprar a vossa Impressora 3D numa loja Dremel!

The Idea Builder: Dremel Releases a Mass-Market 3D Printer

Mike Senese

With a combination of accessible features, smart packaging, and a $999 price point, it’s obvious that the Dremel 3D Idea Builder is a machine aimed squarely at the mass market.

The Idea Builder, announced today at MakerCon in New York City, is the first 3D printer to be released by a major tool manufacturer, and represents further maturation of at-home additive manufacturing. With initial sales being handled by traditional tool-sales outlets Home Depot, Amazon, and Canadian Tire, it promises to help expose 3D printing to a new range of users.

Isto é porreiro!
Querem ganhar uns cobres, para comprarem o que precisam, para fazerem as vossas Engenhocas?
Licenceiem um Módulo Littlebits, para arranjarem os fundos!
Proponham a vossa maquinete Littlebits, e se agradar, lá está, ele vendem, e vocês recebem um X...
Que é uma maneira de fazerem Dinheiro, só com as vossas ideias e pouco mais!

About the bitLab

littleBits has one mission: to put the power of electronics in the hands of everyone. And now the bitLab is putting the power of making electronics in the hands of everyone. We believe the next billion dollar idea isn't going to come from the big companies, it's going to come from you.
Have an idea? Submit a module. See a module you like? Vote for it. Developers get credit, fame and cash. Supporters get first dibs, offer feedback and most importantly, influence the development of the next great module. We will manufacture the most popular ones and sell them worldwide.
The largest hardware platform just became infinite.

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