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segunda-feira, 7 de julho de 2014

Caixas à medida! E mais um Controlador Programavel, conheçam as vossas Fresas, pCLinuxOS, e molas em Fibra de Vidro!

Podem mandar fazer as vossas Caixas, à medida, uma ou muitas, e isso é uma boa notícia para Inventores, Fabbers, e Engenhocas de toda a espécie...
Dica da Designspark:

NEW! Custom Cases from RS Components
Connector Geek

DesignSpark is proud to be able to offer a truly ground-breaking initiative to it's members - Custom Cases. Customers can specify a plastic case entirely to their own requirements and order as many or as few as they need. Let's have a closer look at this new product.
One of the big moments of any new project is turning the design that exists on paper (or on your computer screen) into reality. Some parts of the process are easy - prototyoing PCBs has never been easier, for example - but other parts can be really expensive. Let's take a look at enclosures. How can you best create a working prototype, with its case, without breaking the bank?

Da Mindsets vem este Controlador programável, bem pequeno, que vos poderá ajudar a fazer de tudo um pouco, e consome bem pouco.
Pode ser usado tanto por Geeks, como inciados, o que é sempre bom:


 This truly game-changing device opens up countless possibilities for ‘embedded intelligence’ as required by the new national curriculum.
What makes it unique is the much lower cost than comparable devices and the ease of use.

Non-electronics experts can use it right away BUT also offers great potential for advanced users. 

As Fresas CNC só são úteis... 
Se conhecerem as Ferramentas de Corte delas.
Da Inventables, vem este Artigo para vos esclarecer, que vos permite escolher a Ferramenta certa para cada caso.
É bom!

Milling 101: Understanding Milling Bits
Choosing the right milling bit for the job at hand can be an extremely important factor in whether a milling project comes out amazingly, alright, or not at all. Combine that with having more choices of bits than materials, and choosing the right bit can be quite a difficult task. However, by answering a simple set of questions, you can greatly simplify your choice of bit. Here are the things you need to ask:

  • What material am I cutting?
  • What is my machine capable of?
  • What shape am I cutting?

Let’s quickly go through each of these and what they mean.


Se já se fartaram daquela ideia funesta da Ubuntu, de quererem macaquear os Apple, e sobretudo, de fazerem de computadores pessoais a sério, I-pads idiotas, podem mudar para o PCLinuxOS, que é de onde vos mando estas linhas.
É mais rápido do que o Ubuntu;
Mais simples;
Instala TUDO à primeira;
E não se pôe com esquisitices, como querer fazer de PCs de trabalho, I-Pads idiotas, como o malfadado Unity, do Ubuntu!

About PCLinuxOS

What is PCLinuxOS?

PCLinuxOS is a free easy to use Linux-based Operating System for x86 desktops or laptops.
PCLinuxOS is distributed as a LiveCD, and can also be installed to your computer. The LiveCD mode lets you try PCLInuxOS without making any changes to your computer. If you like it, you can install the operating system to your hard drive. Locally installed versions of PCLinuxOS utilize the Advanced Packaging Tool (or APT), a package management system (originally from the Debian distribution), together with Synaptic, a GUI frontend to APT for easy software installation. PCLinuxOS has over 12,000 rpm software packages available from our software repository.


E isto interessa aos Fabbers e Inventores, porque já se sabe que, se hoje é só a Audi a fazer disto, vai aparecer um Inventable, dentro em pouco, para nós mesmos fazermos as nossas molas...
Pensem bem:
Mais baratas e fáceis de fazer, mais leves, resistem à Corrosão, e com as propriedades que quizerem que elas tenham?
Geeks, mãos à obra!

Audi set to cut vehicle weight with introduction of fiberglass springs

Scott Collie

The quest for ever-greater fuel efficiency is driving auto manufacturers to extreme lengths to reduce the weight of their vehicles. Aluminum, carbon fiber and fiberglass are all being used to help meet stringent emissions standards. In its search for "enlightenment," Audi has announced it will introduce glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) springs in its vehicles before the end of the year.
The core of the spring is made up of fiberglass strands, impregnated with epoxy resin and twisted together. Audi then uses a machine to wrap additional strands of fiberglass around the core and cures the unit in an oven. The strands are wrapped across each other at a 45-degree angle, to allow the load to be equally distributed across the whole spring.

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