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terça-feira, 17 de junho de 2014

VoCore, um Computador num só Chip! Mais um mapa Fabber do Mundo, um Fogão a Lenha para o Jardim, e um Lançador de bolas

VoCore. Um Computador Linux num só Chip, e com Wifi, USB, UART, 20+ GPIO, e tudo num quadrado de uma só Polegada! 
O que abre uma data de usos, como fazer os vossos acessórios todos ligados ao PC por Wireless, um Downloader offline, Um Router, e Tele-Controle para o que quizerem, com Câmera!

VoCore: A coin-sized Linux computer with wifi

VoCore is an open hardware runs OpenWrt. It has WIFI, USB, UART, 20+ GPIOs but size is only one inch. It helps you make a smart house or study embedded system.
What is VoCore?
VoCore is a coin-sized Linux computer with wifi. It is also able to work as a full functional router. It runs OpenWrt on top of Linux. It contains 32MB SDRAM, 8MB SPI Flash and using RT5350(360MHz MIPS) as its heart. It provides many interfaces such as 10/100M Ethernet, USB, UART, I2C, I2S, PCM, JTAG and over 20 GPIOs but its size is less than one square inch(25mm x 25mm).

What can You DO with VoCore?

1. Wireless a USB device such as printer, scanner,  hard disk, camera and etc.
2. A remote control robot with camera.
3. A portable VPN router.
4. A wireless speaker.
5. A offline downloader.
6. WIFI -> TTL(or Serial Port) to control Arduino remotely.

Como podem ver no mapa embaixo, a Impressão 3D vai crescendo dia a dia, da tal maneira que 750 Milhões de pessoas têem acesso à Impressão 3D, ou seja uma em cada 10 no Mundo!
Dica do Blogue dos Hubs de Impressão 3D, 3DHubs, onde podem encontrar a Impressora 3D mais próxima de vós!

Local 3D Printing Available to 750 Million People

The 3D printing movement is getting up to incredible speed. After starting out a little bit over a year ago we have grown quite a bit. Not only are we now working with a kick-ass team of 16, we have also passed the magical number of 5000 printers on our platform. What does that mean? Quite a lot: you are part of the 3rd industrial revolution and contributing to the pioneering movement of decentralised manufacturing movement.

To back these statements up with some rock hard data we went over to NASA to crunch some numbers (no joke). After a couple of hours their supercomputers came out with this statement: over 750 million people globally have a Hub within 10 miles! That means that 10% of the world population is within arms reach of being able to 3D print. Talking about local printing!


Fazem o Upload do vosso Ficheiro 3D, escolham o vosso Hub local,  e é só mandar imprimir!

Eis uma forma de terem um castiço Fogão ao ar livre, para as vossas patuscadas, com a Lenha que arranjarem, sem mais nada que fazerem-no vós mesmos...

E foi feito por um Engenhocas, como nós, não um Fabricante Profissional.

Woodburning Stove from sheet steel 
This is a guide for how I made my stove. It is not the only way.
I am not a professional metalworker but a guy with some tools and a workshop .The final outcome was very successful and I have received many positive comments about it.
The flat top gets hot enough to cook on and/or boil a kettle and the output it approximately 4-5kw when it's fully up to temperature. Perfect for heating a small room. I've only ever used it when camping outdoors or in my yard but the plan is to use it when winter camping in a bell tent.
I am making this Instructable to show people how easy it is.
Almost everything was fabricated from the sheet steel for this (apart from the flue pipe which I bought in especially) and the whole process took me about 10 hours in total spread over a few evenings.

E para os vossos Cães, neste Verão, um Lançador de Bolas que os vai fazer mais felizes, e exercitados, sem vos cansar demasiado...

E o que é melhor, vocês não se cansam a fazer o Lançador, também!

Tennis Ball Launcher
A friend of mine has bad arthritis in his wrists and cannot easily throw a tennis ball for his puppy to fetch. They both enjoy the game but the current models of tennis ball throwers aren't easy on his wrist and those that are aren't very effective. My goal was to build something he could easily fire but still get appreciable distance from.

Please keep safety in mind and don't sue me. This device can be dangerous. It involves powerful elastics being used to accelerate projectiles quickly. Never point this at a living creature or valuables. Don't load this with anything that will intentionally cause damage. Don't combine any of the previous warnings to make a super destructive device. Seriously, you'll put an eye out.

On a lighter note this will exercise a dog because it launches tennis balls approximately 100ft as shown in the video.

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