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quinta-feira, 22 de maio de 2014

Nitrogénio Liquido em casa! E Moldagem em Resina, Um Super-Condensador em Grafene, e Lançar Bolas de golfe!

Hoje, têem muito com que se entreter...
A começar por esta maravilha Geek e Engenhocas, produzir Azoto Líquido, sim , o Liquid Nitrogen das Experiências malucas e shows de fumo! Qual será o Engenhocas que não quererá ter uma gigajoga destas em casa?
Isto  merece um grande MUÁHÁHÁHÁ!

Homemade liquid nitrogen generator

Did you ever think you could make liquid nitrogen in your own garage? This is an industrial process so how can an individual do this? Still doubt me? Intrigued? Read on.
As a lover of science I tried to think of a challenging project that was out of the ordinary. After going through the internet web and Youtube I realized that no one had made liquid nitrogen in his home. Yes, I did see some videos where some would use a Stirling Cooler from a cryorefrigerator and use this to condense nitrogen on the exterior of the cold-head. While one is making liquified gas, this is done using a prefabricated machine. I wanted to make the machine that liquefies the gas. Furthermore, a cryocooler has a very low production rate. You will only get about 500 - 1000ml per day. On the following pages I will walk you through the basics of how to build your own liquid nitrogen generator. Using easily obtained materials you can liquefy nitrogen or air. The unit cools to -320F in under 50 minutes. The production rate is about 350 cc/hr.


Moldar várias peças , a partir dum só Molde, feito numa Impressora 3D, ou cortado numa máquina Laser CNC, ou até a partir duma peça original esculpida à mão, é assim, na minha opinião, que se fabrica em casa, depressa e bem!
Ora este Instructable vai-vos dar um sem-fim de dicas, a começar pelo melhor, uma Resina para Moldagem barata!
É bom!
Ideal para Modelistas, Engenhocas, e Artistas que queiram vender Bustos, Brinquedos, etc...

Resin casting gears for power wheels
This is my very first instructable and I hope you will enjoy it.
Please any mistakes caused by my bad english. :-)
Some of you will ask me the question, why not just buy a ready to go gear from the shop or ebay for the usual $19,95. You don't need to ask me that, as I have produced these gears as POC for myself to know if it works this way and if I am able to it. Maybe some tim will come and I will need the procedure to make some gears quick and will not be able to buy any replacement parts. Also remember, these parts are much stronger than that you can get in your store.

Eis um Super-Condesnador feito em Grafene, para os Engenhocas da Electrónica, para sei lá que mais Projectos.
E é feito em casa, o que quer dizer que o podem fazer de raíz para os vossos fins particulares:

Make a Graphene Supercapacitor

This Instructable (loosely) follows the method of graphene production described by C&EN, who cite a paper published by Parvez, Wu, et. al. In the paper (Exfoliation of Graphite into Graphene in Aqueous Solutions of Inorganic Salts), it is explained that putting a graphite electrode and a platinum electrode into a solution of inorganic salts (ammonium sulfate works best, they say) with a 10V supply (graphite = anode, platinum = cathode) causes the graphite to be torn apart by electrochemical activity to become graphene! Graphene has attracted much hype and study recently. One of its near-term applications may be in high density supercapacitors.

E para atirar bolas pró cão buscar, para tiro-ao-alvo de jardim, para Foguetes, ou apenas para a brincadeira, eis como lançar bolas a partir duma Bomba de Ar, e algumas mais gigajogas feitas em casa, muito bom para a descontracção:

40mm Burst Cannon

This little cannon is powered by bursting a rubber diaphragm with a bicycle pump. I cut the diaphragms from an old bicycle inner tube. You can double them up or burst one at a time. It uses 40mm foam practice golf balls for ammo. You can also use it with just the pump but it doesn't fire with near as much force.
This is not my original idea. A few years ago I saw this rocket launching toy on TV. If you make this you could use the same replacement diaphragms.


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