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sexta-feira, 7 de março de 2014

3D a Cores! E um Laboratório portátil, e um Molde a Vácuo

Estes 2 brilhantes Jovens, trazem-vos a possibildade de imprimirem a Cores, na vossa Impressora 3D baratucha!

Two college students invented an adapter that allows 3D printers to print in full color for less than $100
Signe Brewster
3D printing is generally a monochrome affair. Full-color printers are expensive, so the more casual user is likely stuck printing in one or two colors.
Cédric Kovacs-Johnson and Charles Haider, both chemical engineering undergraduates at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, say they have come up with a solution: a sub-$100 device that upgrades desktop 3D printers to print in a full rainbow of colors. They call it Spectrom.
The system is compatible with fused deposition modeling 3D printers that use a standard-size spool of filament. FDM printers melt string-like plastic bit by bit and lay it down in layers to create an object. Spectrom adds dye to the plastic as it melts, allowing printers to shift between colors.



E que tal um Laboratório de Electrónica portátil?
Eis como podem pôr tudo numa caixa, para terem apoio técnico, para onde forem:

Electronic-Lab in a Box
Since I work in a small flat with no separate space for handcrafts i struggle always with building before and cleaning up afterwards just for simple electronic work. There were always the same tools to search in boxes and cases, plug them in, find wires and solderin tin and so on. So for only 5 minutes work comes together just an hour or so for the setup time. For me the solution was a box where everything can be found at the same space where it belongs to.
Simple philosophy: Everything has a space, everything has its own space.




Mais uma caixa de Moldagem a Vácuo!

Esta, é mais maneirinha, pois é mais fácil de fazer:

Easy DIY Vacuum Former

I have always wanted to build a vacuum form machine and when I built my latest robot ( Click Here) I finally had a reason to. I needed to make a shell or top to my robot and I didn't want to mess around with fiberglass and all of the grinding and sanding. So here is my instructable on how to build an easy vacuum former with stuff you can buy locally. I have added some videos below:





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