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terça-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2014

Uma Impressora 3D Profissional, Hidropónica no Quintal, e uma Fornalha bestial

Eis não só uma Impressora 3D Profissional a bom preço, mas poderão comprar 10, por um preço em conta, e começar o vosso Negócio de Impressão 3D por conta própria:

Rapide One - Affordable Professional Desktop 3D Printer by Rapide 3D

’It’s more than just a box!’

Rapide One is the first true desktop 3D Printer to offer professional rapid prototyping with stunning design and functionality at an affordable price.

What is Rapide One?

Rapide One is an affordable professional desktop 3D Printer. What makes Rapide One unique is it has been built from the ground up with the goal of creating a fully functional desktop 3D printer, which fits the gap in the market between high-end 3D printers and the hobbyist 3D printers currently available.

Rapide One is fully enclosed; we enclosed Rapide One to ensure a constant temperature throughout the build and to make the printer office, school and home safe. There are two large Plexiglas viewing panels, which allow easy viewing during the build. The constant temperature reduces the cracking and shrinking issues open 3D Printers have and it increases the build success rate substantially.

Rapide One has a full cartridge system built into the top of the printer to reduce over all size and to make usage simple and easy with zero mess, which is common with external, mounted spools. You can choose to use a cartridge or just load material into the top of the machine without a cartridge. The cartridge system allows users to change color and material type for each print easily and quickly. 



Falando de Negócios por conta Própria, podem vender Peixe e Legumes, que crescem no vosso Quintal, ore eis também uma boa ideia para pequenos Restaurantes:


Your first step in sustainable aquaculture

$849 For a Limited Time Only - Introductory price

Please allow me to share a little history and some information about me and the path that has led to the My AquaFarm™ Aquaponics System.
This system is the first consumer grade system offered by Hughey Aquafarm and is backed by 10 years of experience actually doing aquaponics.  It’s the first of it’s kind that I know of that can be shipped flat and easily assembled on site.   I built my first aquaponics system in 2003 using blue plastic barrels cut lengthwise as growbeds.  In an effort to reduce the technological complexity of current systems at the time and hope to make it possible to be done in developing countries I invented the Barrel-Ponics® Flood Valve system in 2004 using a manual flood and drain control system which spawned a whole generation of backyard aquaponics enthusiasts in America and the world.





E chegamos a esta Fornalha, que podem construír com 2 Latas, e que consome pouca lenha, com muito pouco fumo, porque queima quase tudo, aproveitando o Combustível ao máximo...

Vem neste Site bacano, que ficam também a conhecer, DIY Ready, e tem Vídeo e tudo, vão lá:


DIY Rocket Stove / Rocket Mass Heater Plans & Instructions


Materials Needed To Make Rocket Heater


2 tall cans about 6 inches across and 10 inches tall. (We used paint cans)
1 piece of aluminum flashing about 3 ft long.
Utility knife / Box cutter/ Knife Pliers
Tin snips
Permanent Marker
Measuring Tape



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