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terça-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2013

Uma Impressora 3D... PARA METAL! Avança a Robótica faz-você-mesmo, façam a vossa Gravadora CNC em casa, e desenhar um Triciclo

Isto vai libertar a Criatividade de tanto Engenhocas...
Sim, meninos e meninas, poderão agora construír a vossa própria Impressora 3D para Metal!
E se acharem que lhe falta alguma coisa, como tudo é Open Source, podem lá meter a vossa contribuição, atenção Fablabers e Hackers em geral:

Low-cost, open-source 3D printer looks beyond plastic

Darren Quick

With 3D printers dropping below the US$200 mark, the home 3D printing revolution appears to be getting into full swing, which is great ... if you want to make things out of plastic. Unfortunately, the price of commercial metal 3D printers means the ability to print metal objects has remained out of reach of most people. That could be set to change with a team from Michigan Technical University building a 3D metal printer for under $1,500.
The 3D printer was created by Joshua Pearce, an Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, and his team from parts including a small commercial MIG welder and an open-source microcontroller. It forms complex geometric shapes by laying down thin layers of steel, but Pearce admits the printer is still a work in progress, with a sprocket the most intricate piece the printer has produced so far. That's where the open-source nature of the device comes in.

Os gandas malucos da Cubelets voltam à carga, com o MOSS, com ainda melhores módulos para montarem os vossos Robots, e Engenhocas, isto é brilhante:

MOSS modular system keeps DIY robotics simple

Darren Quick

Colorado-based Modular Robotics has taken its Cubelets robotic building blocks to the next level with MOSS, a modular robot construction system that requires no coding or wiring skills on the part of the user. The kits are made up of various modules that communicate with each other via a single button contact and can be snapped together using magnets.
Like the Cubelets system, the individual modules of MOSS boast different capabilities that are signified with simple color-coding. The current color scheme – which may change – sees yellow faces conducting power, blue faces sending data, green faces receiving data, and purple faces allowing power and data to pass through uninterrupted. Some modules with multiple capabilities sport faces of different colors


Uma Gravadora CNC em casa, é nada mais nada menos o que vos propôe este Instructable!!!
E se juntarem um Laser mais potente, poderá cortar alguma coisa...
Cuidado é com os vossos olhos, mais vale construírem um Chassis para evitarem o Laser saltar-vos à vista...

Arduino Laser Engraver

I started this project because I wanted to make something that had mechanical, electrical and software components. After looking around on Instructables, I figured that an Arduino based laser engraver would be an interesting machine to make, and that the machine itself could make interesting things. Laser diodes have also advanced quite a lot in the last few years, allowing reasonably powerful DIY laser engravers to be made without the hassles of laser tubes.

This machine can engrave wood and cut paper. I haven't tried other materials yet because there is no fume extraction capability - plastics generally create toxic gases when burnt.

SAFETY WARNING - Please be safe when using lasers. The laser used in this machine can cause permanent eyesight damage, and probably even blindness. When working with powerful lasers (>5mW), always wear a pair of laser safety glasses designed to block your laser's wavelength.

E que tal aprenderem umas Dicas sobre como criarem os vosso Objectos num Programa 3D?
Obra do nosso amigo Jon Cantin, eis um Tutorial para que aprendam a dar forma às vossas Ideias...

Wooden Big Wheels Tricycle: Part 1 ~ Designing Foundations

As this project is relatively big AND I plan on driving it, I sat on the floor to get the rough measurements of where I want things to be, distance of my bent knees in the “driving position” and where I’d be sitting next to a tape measure. I then figured-out my widths as well. This is what I love about designing these things for – I can now make anything so it’s a decision of pushing myself further into real unknowns.
The biggest challenge I see with this project is myself, I weight 80 kg and this plywood model, kept together using only glue, not only has to hold my weight but also withstand the torque I put into the front big wheel to make it spin on pavement and the forces on all sides when I’m driving it at speed and hard breaking just like the original Big Wheel! This project would be dead-easy making it out to be CNC plasma cut out of steel but plywood is what I use and I’m not using any exterior hardware.

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