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terça-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2013

Um Osciloscópio Raspberry Pi, um Triciclo de madeira, e Electrónica para o Smartphone,

Querem ter o vosso Osciloscópio? Podem usar um Raspberry Pi!
E como pode funcionar a partir dum Site na internet, e ligar-se ao Smartphone, ou ao Portátil, é também um Ponto de Acesso Wi-fi!

PiMSO - A Raspberry Pi based Wi-Fi Oscilloscope

PiMSO, is a Raspberry Pi controlled 200 Msa/S mixed signal oscilloscope. Depending on your application, it can be configure to use the Midori browser on the Pi GUI or access remotely via the internet. Since the PiMSO GUI is web based, You can also control it from a browser on your tablet or smart phone. But what happens when you are at a location that there are no convenient access to a network? For this project I'll demonstrate how to build a Raspberry Pi based oscilloscope that is also a Wireless Access Point.

O nosso amigo Jon Cantin fez algo em grande, numa Fresa CNC, ele faz algo mesmo em GRANDE...
De tal maneira, que até pode andar nele!



When the CNCKing wants to go for a ride…

… he spends a few weeks designing a 10 x full-sheet (2440 x 1220 mm) project and then the next two weeks cutting and building it! It’s Wooden Wheels and I learned so much from this project – happy it’s FINISHED!


E que tal terem toda a Referência de Componentes Electrónicos, no vosso Smartphone, e ainda terem à mão conversores e Ferramentas de Electrónica?
Dá jeito!
Pois com este App Grátis, já podem:

RS Toolbox App

Get electronics reference at your fingertips. Download the FREE RS Toolbox App from RS Components.

At RS Components we believe that engineers should be able to access design reference any time and anywhere.
That’s why we’ve created the FREE RS Toolbox App – so you can have the handy tools you need, right in your pocket.

We have started with a set of useful ‘minitools’ in the app and will be regularly adding more tools based on your feedback. The possibilities are endless so try RS Toolbox and let us know what you think!


Created in the spirit of supporting engineers with useful tools, RS Toolbox combines electronic reference material with calculation and conversion tools in one handy app. Targeted at professional Electronics Design Engineers, RS Toolbox offers a collection of popular work ‘tools’ right at your fingertips.


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