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sexta-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2013

Energia Grátis Made in Brazil? Mais um Comparativo de Impressoras 3D, um Arduino impresso em Papel, e um Tear-Robot!

Poderá ser verdade, em breve, termos a nossa própria Electricidade, grátis, graças a dois Inventores Brasieiros!
Pelo menos é o que este Vídeo nos anuncia, e eles já estão a licenciar a Máquina, para não serem silenciados...

BREAKING: Inventors Harness Free Energy with New Device 
BRAZIL | Has the secret to boundless free energy been discovered? Well according to two Brazilian inventors it has.

On February 11, 2013 the two inventors posted a video of themselves demonstrating a device powering a bank of lights.

A few months later, On July 7th 2013, inventors Nilson Barbosa and Cleriston Lea filed an international patent on on the device stating it will produce free energy. Now the pair have stated they'll be selling the small device to the people of Imperatriz, Brazil.
Its called the Earth Electron Captor Generator, and according to the patent it works like this, "Earth Energy is electromagnetic energy that can be instantly obtained to perform work through an electromagnetic field connected to earth"

After an initial "power up" from "any" electrical source a sensor begins to rotate creating what is known as "over-unity power"
Over-unity devices have long been criticized because some claim it violates the laws of physics. however this has clearly not stopped Barbosa and Lea.

The pair have created multiple sizes of the generator. The smallest is capable of generating 12.1 kw of power, with a load of 6000 watts, using only 21 watts input energy. The team believes it can power a family home or automobile.
It should be noted however that anytime technology such as this surfaces, it generally disappears just as fast.

Mais um Comparativo de 5 Impressoras 3D, para que possam escolher qual delas vão pedir ao Pai Natal:

2013 3D Printer Comparison Guide
Randall Marsh

The 3D printer industry is growing in both the professional and maker markets. With more and more 3D printers diving under the US$4,000 price-point, is it time for you to pick up one of your own? Though the consumer end of the market is still young, business is booming, and this disruptive technology is something that will definitely appeal to many Gizmag readers. That’s why we’ve taken the top desktop 3D printers and lined them up for a side-by-side comparison.


Este Circuito Impresso para o Arduino, é impresso em Papel, com uma Plotter, e tinta especial, ora eis algo de novo e prático, no mundo da Electrónica:

Paperduino 2.0 with Circuit Scribe - Paper Arduino

What if making an Arduino, or wiring up an Arduino was as easy as printing one out? In this tutorial we printed our own Arduino Pro Mini board using a pen plotter and the Electroninks Circuit Scribe (a rollerball pen with highly conductive ink). Within 15 minutes we printed the board, placed components down with glue or tape, and uploaded a sketch.

E eis algo que dá sempre jeito, a soldar, e a fazer uma data de coisas complicadas, mais um "par de mãos" que agarram as peças, faz falta a qualquer Engenhocas!

DIY solder holder

In this instructable you will see how to make very simple yet very effective tool for your working place. This DIY solder holder is adjusted for third hand. It keeps tin solder spool in one place and stops it from rolling all over your table. And the best part it's very cheap! 

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