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quarta-feira, 13 de novembro de 2013

Uma Impressora 3D por menos de 200 Dólares! E como fazer Caixas em Acrílico, um Lança-hamas de bolso, e um Microscópio a partir duma Câmara!

Esta impressora 3D pode ser barata, mas não é nada, nada má... 50 Microns de altura mínima de Camadas?
É muito bom!
Feito por uma Firma que já fabricava componentes para as outras Impressoras 3D, isto é feito por quem sabe...
E para a Malta do Arduino, é mesmo bom, porque a Electrónica é baseada no Arduino, é um Kit Open Source, o que quer dizer que é perfeitamente possivel, vocês personalizarem a coisa.

QU-BD One Up: A 3D printer for under US$200

Darren Quick

The home 3D printing revolution has picked up pace in recent times with printers such as the MakiBox and Buccaneer making 3D printing increasingly more affordable. Although not as cheap as the homemade LEGObot, the QU-BD One Up is claiming the title of the world's cheapest production-ready 3D printer with a price tag of under US$200.
Already manufacturing and supplying parts for more than 20 3D printer companies, such as DeltaMaker, the folks at QU-BD took the next obvious step and decided to produce their own 3D printers. Joining the company's existing Revolution, Revolution XL and RPM Rapid Prototyping Mill are the One Up and Two Up units that boast a build area of 100 x 100 x 125 mm and 175 x 175 x 125 mm, respectively.

Do nosso amigo Andrea Biffi, vem este Instructable bastante completo, para as vossas Caixas, para que as vossas Engenhocas estejam como deve de ser...
Usando o Autocad, podem usar os truques aqui explicados com outros programas, é só usar as ferramentas respectivas para o mesmo fim:

Snap-fit plexiglas case for your project

Months ago I've built a thermostat to control my electric oven temperature (and cook meringues).
You can read the related instructable here.
Meringues are still waiting, but now my device has a new plexiglas case, with snap-fit joints and hexagonal grill for the ventilation.
I designed the box in Autocad with the right measures to contain the thermostat and all the components required to be connected to wall plug and oven.

Para as Artes do Espectáculo, vem este Instructable que vos ensina a fazer um Lança-Chamas de Bolso,(!) e uma Varinha Mágica do mesmo tipo, ora isto vai chamar a atenção do Público!
Claro que isto É PERIGOSO, e não é para ser tentado por crianças, ou gente sem experiência nenhuma...
Tendo dito isto...

Pocket-sized Multicolored Flamethrowers and Sorcerer Staff

In case no one told you flamethrowers are really dangerous. This is NOT an instructable for kids! This is for educational purposes and if you attempt this you are doing so at your own risk. I am not responsible if you get hurt attempting this. The responsibility for your safety depends on you! I try to discuss how to do this safely throughout the instructable so, READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY, but realize I can't think of every safety problem. HAVE A FIRE EXTINGUISHER HANDY! If you do not have a high level of understanding of the chemistry or physics involved you really should not do this.

That said, science and learning without danger would yield no cars, no fireworks, and no disease cures. So, I'm going to donate my body to some dangerous science!

Passando a um Projecto altamente Didáctico, pois já estou a ver alguns Professores a utilizar isto para as Aulas...
E que tal utilizar a vossa Webcam para um Microscópio?
Pois aqui está como!


Bismillah,Have you ever tried to take a close look of a plant or an ant? Though magnification glasses are able to do a little of magnification but they are not very close but now I am here with a hack which can easily penetrate your clothes or even you can see an ant’s eye structure because it’s a microscope out of a simple camera or webcam. Isn’t it Great! All you need is a simple but good picture quality camera or webcam.This Is very cheap project and even can be made from stuff around your house. So you must read it step by step to remake it the proper way. It is easy to make and any one can build without any specific skill. So get ready to make your own.And thank you for reading. If you want to stay tuned to me follow me and please vote for me in the Build my lab contest and Hardware hack contest that will be a great favor.

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