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quinta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2013

Dia de CAD, e uma Impressora 3D para... Joalharia!

Umas notícias sobre o CAD, para hoje, a primeira, é sobre a nova versão do Programa VariCAD, com coisas boas como inserirem Perfis de Desenhos, em 2D, numa Imagem 3D:

VariCAD 2014-1.0 - November 14,2013

This version contains support of multi-threading, faster 3D graphic, faster 2D graphic, improved support of virtual printers (like print to pdf), changes in volume and mass calculations, printing of images from 3D and further improvements in input of STEP files. To update your current version of VariCAD or to evaluate a free 30-day trial version, download it here.

Como a Internet nos concedeu Maravilhas como a Colaboração Internacional, num Projecto(!) onde gente de todo o Planeta pode trabalhar num Projecto comum...
Todos os que, como eu fizeram o Download do Programa GrabCAD Workbench, podem trabalhar Online, num Projecto que fica sincronizado, actualizando-se à medida que os vários Co-Autores o vão modificando, mas tamém podendo proteger algum Ficheiro de ser modificado, enviar diferentes versões para diferentes pessoas, e comparar essas versões!

Now You Can Sync Your Desktop CAD Files With Workbench

Workbench is already great for sharing CAD models with external partners, but now we’ve added file management capabilities that allow multiple engineers to work on the same files without getting in each other’s way.
Desktop Client
With Workbench you can:
  • Sync desktop files with online projects using GrabCAD Workbench for PC
  • Lock files to prevent others from overwriting your work
  • Track dependencies between files
  • Visually compare different versions of a file to identify changes
  • Release a specific version to specific partners, for example a supplier
Best of all, you get all this with zero IT overhead - it takes less than 5 minutes to set up a project and get going.


Dúvidas sobre o GabCAD Workbench?
Pois podem assistir a um Webminar dia 3 de Dezembro, têem é de se inscrever, no Link abaixo:

Live Webinar Registration

"What can CAD File Management do for your team?"

In a recent survey, more than 80% of CAD users said they spend time trying to reconcile two versions of a design after someone else made changes. How often does this happen to you or your team?
Now that we've released CAD File Management features, we'd like to invite you to join us for the launch webinar “What can CAD File Management do for your team?”.

Unlike traditional PDM solutions, Workbench requires no lengthy installation, no expensive upfront license, and no IT upkeep, while enabling easy sharing with people outside your company.
Why take 30 minutes out of your busy day? We'll demo:

Simple centralized file management with desktop sync.
Ability to lock files to communicate edits and avoid conflicts.
Version control that lets you see and restore your team changes.
3D model compare that shows what changed in parts and assemblies.
Ability to share selected files with external partners.

Easy to manage CAD - eliminate time spent searching for the correct file, working on the wrong file versions or preparing CAD models for viewing outside of CAD.
Easy to share CAD - improve product quality by making it easy for non-engineers to offer feedback earlier in project
Easy to setup - requrires no training or IT support, available from any device.

Fully setup in less than 3 minutes.


E porque não, uma Impressora 3D para Joalheiros?
Artigo do nosso amigo Jon Cantin, eis um Engenhocas que imprime Joalharia, graças à sua Invenção, uma Impressora 3D que imprime pelo método de usar o Metal Clay, para imprimir toda uma data de coisas em vários Metais!
Vão ao Blogue, vrejam a Entrevista!

Interview with MiniMetalMaker’s David Hartkop (USA)

There are a lot of 3D printers out there looking for funding but this one caught my eye… it uses metal clay instead of plastic! I contacted David to see if he was interested in talking a bit more about his awesome 3D printer and I’m so happy he agreed!


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