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segunda-feira, 25 de novembro de 2013

C-trino, agarrem o vosso Carro, uma Fonte de Alimentação para Válvulas a Vácuo!

É 100% Português, esta C-trino, Dica da Behance, uma Marca de Adaptadores Electrónicos para o Arduino, Raspi, etc. 
Servem para expandir os usos deles, adicionando-lhes uma data de expansões, e também essas expansões, Open Source, por isso, podem pegar numa delas, e adaptaá-la pars os vosso fins!
Parabéns, Aveiro!

C-trino - Designed Electronics

We are proud to share our newest collaboration.
Today we present you the young and energetic electronics brand:
c-trino - DIY made juicy is the result of one of our collaborations at the LX Reactor - Co-Organized with Hackerschool - Lisbon's first Tech and Design summercamp where we mixed design and tech students for the development of innovative products / experiences / interfaces.


The brand product consists of a series of boards that go from analog expansion, to I/O expansion, PWM and range extenders.
Our main goal is to provide virtually all the I/O pins you may ever need, which can be anywhere up to a certain radius, and let you treat as if they were actually inside the Arduino board!
Let two words define c-trino: simplicity and versatility.

The Future?!
Well, it´s not hard to think in applications for this, is it? We can apply c-trino to everything that goes from home-automation, to car parking assistance, surveillance... In the end, you can use it almost in any DIY Project! Juicy, uh?

So, what I Buy is What I Get?
Short answer: No. You get even more! All source code of every board, alongside with its schematics, will be open source so you can adapt it to your own projects or reconfigure its purpose. Community is Upper-case in our goals!

Stay tuned for a lot more news, our brand website and new products.
c-trino team.




Se vos roubarem o Automóvel, esta Engenhoca diz-vos onde ele está!
Ora aqui está um bom Instructable para fazerem, e por menos de 100 Euros...

Athena: The Global Car Tracking System(3D Images)

Jayvis Vineet Gonsalves

Every year about 700,000 vehicles get stolen in US. In fact, a car is stolen every 45 seconds.
We all love our cars and whether it is a roaring Lamborghini or a purring Prius, we are attached to it and wish that it never gets stolen.

I am very attached to my family car and take lots of precaution that I do not park my car in secluded places or double check that I always lock my car when I park it anywhere and always carry my car keys with me. However, I am still worried whether my car is safe. In order to get rid of these genuine worries, I decided to design my own low cost car tracking system.

In this instructable, I have explained the process of building one's very own Global Car Tracking System -'Athena' - for a cost of just 100$. The steps for building this device is very simple and explained in a lucid manner. The skills required for you to build this is minimum (Basic knowledge about electronics and the Arduino IDE).

I have christened this device by the name 'Athena' because Athena is the Greek Goddess of navigation.
So what are we waiting for.....let's get started......

...E se quizerem Altas Voltagens, (e cuidado ocm isso!) para Projectos de toda a ordem, principalmente, Válvulas a Vácuo, aqui está como o fazer, pelo nosso amigo Andrea Biffi:

High Voltage Power Supply for Nixie and Valve Tubes

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