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quarta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2013

Maker6, Magnetismo, Pilhas Wi-Fi, Tomates e Batatas(?), um Aspirador prá poeirada, e nova vida para os Berbequins

E que tal terem acesso a Impressoras 3D locais?
Ou venderem os vossos Ficheiro 3D?
Ou montarem a vossa loja de Objectos 3D?
Eis Maker6, que vem-nos ligar a nível local, Criadores, Consumidores, Fabricantes, o que é muito bem-pensado!

Maker6 is a marketplace for awesome 3D creations.

Maker6 is a marketplace that helps buyers find unique 3D printing products by independent makers and inventors.
It helps sellers post unique creations and print work as soon as they receive an order from a buyer.

Ideas & Connecting

Connect and network in a social marketplace connecting buyers and sellers.


Find unique creations and cool concepts


Connect with markers and buyers to share your interests


Join a 3D marketplace that's brings together buyers and sellers together.

Será que dois Ímanes de força igual, exercem o dobro da força? E dois Ímanes empilhados?
Para responder a essas questões, vejam este interessante artigo da K&J Magnetics, que também tem um Link para uma calculadora de Repulsão magética:

Doubled Forces 

If you have 2 magnets repelling one another, is the force doubled? If you stack 2 magnets together, is the pull force doubled? These are good questions that we receive from time to time. The answers are found in the mechanical engineering study of statics, the study of forces on non-moving objects. We’ll try to answer these in plain English, avoiding as much engineering jargon as we can! 


Estas pilhas são especiais...
Ligam-se e deligam-se por Wi-fi!
Assim, toda uma quantidade de Engenhocas se tornarão em Aparelhómetros Wifi, controlados pelos vossos Smartphones...
Com um Acelerómetro incorporado, reagem a serem movida, por isso, podem ligar, ou desligar, poupando energia!
Citando o Prof. Ignatio Mobius, do Jogo Command and Conquer, Tiberium Wars:
"As possiblilidades são infinitas...

Batthead batteries could allow any device to be wirelessly controlled

Ben Coxworth

There are already a wide variety of devices that can be turned on and off by your smartphone, although they typically need to be Wi-Fi- or Bluetooth-enabled. The makers of Batthead, however, have taken another approach. They're creating Bluetooth-controlled batteries, that will allow any ol' device using them to be powered up or down via your phone.
The Battheads themselves are AA-sized rechargeable NiMH batteries, each one containing a Bluetooth Smart Chip that allows it to communicate with your phone.
There's also an integrated accelerometer, making it possible for the batteries to detect when they've been moved. This could allow for things such as flashlights that come on whenever they're picked up, or devices that automatically turn off when they haven't been used in several minutes.



Enxerte-se um Tomateiro, encima duma Batateira, e cultivam-se Batatas, e Tomates, no mesmo espaço!
Uma ideia simples... Mas ninguém a tinha tido!
Até agora:


TomTato plant grows both tomatoes and potatoes

Ben Coxworth
We've seen a number of innovations that allow for gardening in small spaces, including a ferris wheel-like contraption, a mat that shows you where to plant specially-prepared seeds, and a system that lets you grow vertically-stacked veggies in your window. The TomTato, however, is in a league of its own – it's a single plant that produces both tomatoes and potatoes at the same time.
Created by UK horticulture company Thompson and Morgan, the TomTato is not the result of genetic engineering. It's "simply" the top of a cherry tomato plant and the bottom of a white potato plant, that have been grafted together at the stem.


Todo o Engenhocas acaba for fazer uma Chiqueirada, mais cedo ou mais tarde, e, meus amigos, é desta conversão de Aspirador que nós precisamos!
Pois, se serve para aspirar, e separar, a poeira de lixar Placa de Gesso!
É difícil arranjar um Instructable mais útil que este...

Drywall Sanding Dust Collector/Separator


Drwall sanding produces lots of dust no matter how dust free your joint compound claims to be, Drywall dust will quickly clog your shop vac filter and shorten the life of your vacuum.

There is a wide selection of drywall dust separators on the market from $50 or so on up to several hundred dollars for a nice Festool extractor. Being a DIY homeowner, taping drywall is not a full time job and doesn't warrant spending the money, so I decided to make my own with about $20 at the local hardware store, This price can be more or less depending on how you make it and what items you might have lying around, I could have used an old bucket but opted to buy a new one for this project, about $5 for bucket and lid at Lowes.


E mais um Instrutcable bem útil, eis como dar vida aos Berbequins sem fios, que ficam com as Baterias gastas, basta usar Baterias novas, como se explica aqui:

Converting Cordless To Lithium Li-Po


As time moves we find that our drill don't cut it any more as now there are all of these new powerful cordless drills with lithium but the price of one of them cost about an arm or leg so what do you do?
Convert them to lithium,

Motor technology has been the same since 20 years ago and it's still the same in all new drills "DC Brushed Motors"

Up on opening my "Old" drill and having a look at my motor my motor looked very new and the brushes ware far from worn if not still would go strong for many years to come.
On the other end the battery's ware totally on the end of its life.


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