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sexta-feira, 6 de setembro de 2013

Vídeos bacanos, Ben Heck, Element14, e Tecido Reflector

\Jon Cantin partilha conosco estas suas memórias, do que o inspirou, na sua caminhada, para criar os seus Vídeos impecáveis,, e vale a pena ver, porque ele viu coisas realmente porreiras...
Como este Show do Ben Heck, mas há muito mais!! My video inspirations growing-up

Well, it has taken two years and the final finishing touches are now being made on my 4th design book (7th overall) Rise of the CNC and I’m very excited at the potential it has in the market place. It has taken me 5 years to get to this point and time has really gone so fast… I’m having it checked over by another editor with a fine tooth comb before releasing the digital PDF version first followed by the printed on-demand version a few weeks down the road.
Now that the book is essentially out of my hands, it’s nice to reflect on how much I’ve learned and processed through the years – there is yet so much to be made and so many directions I can take Looking at Ben Heck’s videos (who wrote the foreword to my book) I see I have a tremendous amount of growth to make in the video component of my site – I’ve finally gotten over my “video fright” and instead of having to make hundreds of takes because I kept forgetting what I was going to say or memorized as soon as the “record” button was activated, I can do it now pretty much in only a few.

No Vídeo anunciam o Site, e é mesmo de lá ir, que para Engenheiros e Engenhocas da Electrónica, há de tudo um pouco, Arduino Raspi, chips que são programados em Pithon, etc. 
Tem um Blog com novidades, um Board de discussões globais, e vendem também!

About the element14 Community: Ask Questions. Get Answers. It's Easy.

element14 offers the first online community specifically for engineers - from electronic design all the way through maintenance and repair. The community is a place where engineers and electronic enthusiasts:

Connect with engineers and experts
Get accurate information, answers and tools from a wide range of independent sources and manufacturers
Find design solutions and services that save time
Can be inspired by the latest innovations

As part of the element 14 Evolution we want to make your job easier than ever, so we've developed user-friendly resources that allow you to ask questions, get answers and stay up-to-date on engineering topics.

...E para os vossos projectos mais brilhantes, fornecida pela Inventables, eis um Tecido eflector, para levarem à Estrada, em roupa, acessórios, etc:

Flexible Glow in the Dark Sheet

This vinyl sheet is thin and stretchy with a smooth, satin finish. It can be cut with scissors, die cut or sewn. It’s ideal for use in apparel and costumes, as well as any project that requires a stunning glow. The material is eco-friendly, nontoxic and machine-washable.
You can charge and re-charge the sheet in UV light (natural daylight, lamp or black light) in 5-30 minutes, and the glow will last for 8+ hours until fully recharged again.
This photoluminescent sheet features a proprietary technology for superior performance. It works at the molecular level to absorb the energy of UV light through exposure to sun, lamplight or black lights. When light is removed, the absorbed energy is emitted as a glowing light. The brightness of glow is dependent on color selected, dimension of material used, and darkness of surroundings. It is either charging or emitting light, depending on the presence of another light source.
This material is currently only available in Lime. Other colors are coming soon.


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