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quarta-feira, 18 de setembro de 2013

Realidade Aumentada, Centrifugadoras, SolidWorks, um Simulador de Breadboard(!), e a Núvem 3D

Já saíu a nova versão do Software de realidade Aumentada, ARMedia, que faz dos vossos Androids, uma Biblioteca de Objectos 3D.
Vem com uma data de coisas novas, como a capacidade de ler QR Code:

 ARMedia Player
"ARMedia Player” is the first Android application that allows to interact with virtual models, created by means of the popular ARMedia Plugins, directly in the real physical space using AR (Augmented Reality) technology. When aiming your device's camera to the AR target image, you can simulate the setup of your models in an unrestricted way and interact with their features no matter where you are. This way models come to life letting you enjoy an immersive experience of the virtual models in your surroundings.
The software is a general purpose player suitable for studying virtual prototypes of any kind in physical locations. In addition, it is a unique tool for presenting projects and ideas in many fields including Design, Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Education.
Main Features:
(1) Touch the ARMedia icon to instantly augment your mobile view with the selected 3D model.
(2) Browse the models Library and make any model you like the default model for quicker access. You can choose any model to view from the Library.
(3) Add new models to the Library using direct upload into a device, mails' attachments, links to models on the web or any file sharing app installed on your device.
(4) Import your models directly from your preferred 3D modeling software via ARMedia Plugins available for your personal computer.
(5) When you look at the AR target image (available from the app's support page, the 3D model will appear on top of the AR target image.

A Oficina dum Bio-Engenhocas não está completa sem uma Centrifugadora, e que melhor Centrifugadora, que uma Open-Source? 
Com a opção par a construírem vocês, ou mandarem vir as peças, mas com a electrónica já toda montada:



My goal was to make an affordable, open-source centrifuge for home-use by DIY biohackers. As of now, it costs around $200 in parts only, with all parts being commercial, off-the-shelf.

Specs (Observed):
G-Force: 6000 G's
RPM: 9000 RPM
Size (closed lid): 15cm x 24cm x 20cm
Adjustable speed and power
Can hold up to 4 Eppendorf tubes
Safety Interlock
Live RPM monitor and countdown

For DIY people head over to  and cut out the attached panels. Check out the Bill of Materials (BOM) for the list of parts needed. WARNING: LASER CUTTER REQUIRED (40 min)
For non-DIY people head over to and purchase a kit. It comes with all electronics pre-soldered and pre-programmed.


Mais um Software recém-renovado, a Solidworks apresenta a Versão para 2014:

SolidWorks 2014: Design without Limits 
Expand innovation with powerful new tools and enhancements that shorten your design process, enhance collaboration, and increase productivity for design without limits. 

O Programa 123Design permite-vos simular um Circuito Electrónico, antes de o montarem na Placa Breadboard, e ainda por cima, podem depois mandar vir um Circuito Integrado feito de acordo com esse vosso desenho, e Breadboard!
Para além de o poderem fazer em colaboração com outros, por todo o Planeta.
Eis um Instructable porreiro, que é um Tutorial de como o fazer:

Zero to Breadboard Simulation

This instructable is a step by step guide to design and simulate a simple electronics project on 123D Circuits using a virtual breadboard design.

123D Circuits is a revolutionary free tool for designing your electronic projects online. You can design in a familiar breadboard view and the app will guide you to make professional printed circuit boards with built in layout tools. When you’re done just click to have your boards professionally manufactured and shipped for free worldwide.

What’s also cool is how you can easily, simultaneously work on the same circuit with your friends. And at any point you can compile and emulate your Arduino code inside a live, editable circuit!


E eis como a Sculpteo vos p+ermite fazer Cloud 3D Printing, que é o mesmo que dizer, vocês criam um Desenho, e os vossos Clientes modificam-no ao seu gosto, e mandam-no vir a casa:

Ever wondered what our 3D Printing Cloud Engine is all about?

There are sometimes misunderstandings about what’s Sculpteo’s 3D Printing Cloud Engine. So we’ve imagined a new video lo let you know what’s behind this factory of the future.
The short clip tells you the story of Emily, the Glucose Sweet Design’s shop owner, who embedded all Sculpteo’s tools on her website.


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