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segunda-feira, 2 de setembro de 2013

Plasma pró Povo! Fantasmaravilhoso! E um Raspi para Server, um app para Digitalizar em 3D, e o Auto-Piloto mais pequeno do Mundo.

Isto é que é Malta porreira! 
Não têem muito dinheiro, mas precisam dum Cortador de Plasma?

(Silêncio, que se vai assistir a um Espectáculo... Pasmem com o Plasma!!!)


Querem um? É muito caro?
Estes bacanos da Torchmate, pensando em tanto Engenhoca sem grandes meios, como EU, fornecem uma maravilha de Kit, em que elae vos vendem apenas o que vocês não podem construír;
A Estrutura, podem bem ser vocês a fazer, ou mandar fazer, e poupa-vos uma Fortuna!
E ainda... Podem mandar vir um outro Kit, de aparafusar tudo, numa Estrutura de Alumínio, ou uma data de mais opções.
Sim, senhor!

Torchmate 1 DIY (do-it-yourself) Kit
  Most people who have a need for a CNC cutting machine are metal fabricators, who given enough time, could probably design and build the mechanical part of a coordinate drive cutting machine. However, just because you may be capable of doing something doesn't necessarily make it the most economical decision. While the physical machines may look simple, it took us hundreds of hours of experimentation, construction of prototypes, and modifications before we felt they were ready for the public. Since then, our machines have undergone further refinements based on customer feedback and suggestions.

Spending hundreds of hours of your time and ending up with an inferior machine with no warranty is false economy. The time would be better spent using the machine to do what you intend it to do. Those who want to save money by doing part of the fabrication can do so by purchasing our Torchmate 1 CNC DIY kit. The Torchmate 1 was our original offering to small shops that could benefit from the CNC process but could not justify the high cost of commercial units on the market at the time.

Querem ter o vosso próprio Server, por pouco dinheiro?
Usem um Raspberry Pi!
Ou algum PC velho, ou que já não usem...
É bom!

Ultimate Pi Home Server

 Welcome reader.
First please note: This instructable can be done within a day, but a weekend is certainly recommended.

In this instructable I hope to teach you key skills involved with setting up and configuring a Linux Server. The knowledge used here can be applied to almost all PC architectures so if you don't own a Pi
(Why not dude?) or it's tied up in another project, any old or unused PC will work. In more detail the main skills taught will be:We

Sabemos que uma Campanha do Kickstarter é um Sucesso, quando ele ultrapassa a Meta, nas calmas...
Como esta, um App de Browser, que vos permite fazer Scans 3D, a partir duma Câmara de Profundidade, ou Paralaxe, e assim podem digitalizar em 3D sem limites de tamanho!

The 3D Scan-to-Print Web App


The Future is Here. 

3D printers give you the promise to print amazing objects and unlock your creative potential. But to make 3D prints you have to first make a 3D model - and creating 3D prints from complex 3D models can quickly turn into a tricky process of complicated computer programs, tedious iterations and lots of melted plastic in the trash.
Imagine making a 3D model using only a depth camera and your browser, a process so quick that in moments your fully-textured 3D printable model loads on your web browser. The water-tight, closed model is then downloaded to your computer or sent off to an online printing service, ready to print. The dream of a replicator would be realized. The only limit would be your imagination.

E que tal, um Auto-Piloto bem pequeno?
Este, promete ser de bolso, e com um Autopiloto, nem precisa de controles!

TU Delft has developed the world’s smallest autopilot

Randall Marsh

As the word "drone" has become so commonplace that you can literally build a UAV out of anything, researchers are aiming to make the technology smaller and more usable in everyday practice. Bart Remes, project manager at the Micro Aerial Vehicle Laboratory at the TU Delft faculty of Aerospace Engineering, has led a group of researchers to the creation of the world's smallest autopilot.
The team's goal is to eventually create MAVs (Micro Aerial Vehicles) small enough to fit into your pocket, but that does little good when you have to carry around a controller for the craft as well – hence, the quest to create a tiny autopilot system.

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