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sexta-feira, 20 de setembro de 2013

Cadeiras, Câmaras Digitais, e Vigilância Remota

Eis uma bela duma cadeira que vocês fazem, dobrando chapa de Madeira contraplacada:

Ramified Armchair - bending plywood


I always wanted to make a bent plywood chair so I went ahead and made this prototype. I used compression mold to curve the plywood and a water based resin glue to put the bendy ply together.

I decided to make a simple design that would be broken down into 7 different pieces:
• Front leg (x2)
• Back Leg (x2)
• Arm rest -connecting front and back leg- (x2)
• Seat

The seat is elegantly supported from the edges of the branching legs creating a bridge between the front and the back legs. The ramification of the legs not only split in two directions with the same angle to each side generating a consistent flow in the legs but also creating the armrest. The biggest design challenge was creating the partition in the legs that become part of the armchair and seat. The front legs start thick from the ground and bend forward to become the seat and also backwards to become the armrests which then come down as the back legs. The ramification was the whole concept around the project, which made it an interesting detail.

O que fazer, de útil, com a vossa recém-chegada Impressora 3D?
Por exemplo, esta Câmara Digital:


3D Printed Digital Camera


This is a digital camera that you can build yourself. By making your own digital camera, it takes away some of the mystery around how such devices work, and are fabricated. Also, it allows you to fully customize the camera to your liking. You can expand the circuit to have new functionality, or design your own custom case by modifying the 123D Design build files.


E podem agora vigiar as vossas casa à distância, com este Projecto:

Piper: Smart, elegant, security and home automation


Piper is a small, brilliant piece of technology that's packed with sensors. It works seamlessly with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets and can be paired with smart home accessories to keep you safe and in control.
Combining security, high quality video, and home automation just makes sense. You can’t get real peace of mind without actually seeing what’s happening at home, and the possibilities for making your home more secure and interactive really open up when you add automation to the equation.


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