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quinta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2013

Arduinos no Espaaaaaço! E um Concurso da Staples, uma Centrifugadora dum Vídeo, e um Estúdio Fotográfico Portátil.

Tinha de acontecer, a placa Arduino vai para o Espaço, providenciando, assim, Experiências Espaciais, a baixo custo, numa plataforma Open Source!

Ardulab provides open source platform for space experiments

David Szondy

With Raspberry Pis and 3D printing all the rage, ambitious DIY projects have never been more achievable. However, when it comes to space experiments, it’s still a professionals-only game. Start up company Infinity Aerospace out of the NASA Ames Research Center at Mountain View, California, wants to change that with Ardulab: an open source experiment package based on the Arduino processor that provides students and others with the ability to send experiments into space for under US$5,000.

Se quizerem habilitar-se a ganhar 3000 Dólares com um Objecto 3D, eis um Concurso da Staples, notícia da CG Trader, em que concorrem para um Objecto que use as capacidades da Impressora 3D da Staples

Staples 3D Printing Challenge

Do you hear the creativity singing to you from the stock of paper? You should. We challenge you to bring the brilliance and magic of the digital world into the analog life. Design the best 3D printable model for Staples and bank in 1000 EUR in cash as well as an opportunity to sell your design at Staples – one of the largest office supply retailers in the world!

The models should be specially made for MCor Iris True Color 3D printer. This amazing printer uses standard copy paper to print 3D models – it prints 3D object layer by layer on paper sheets. Colored ink is being deposited on both sides of the paper sheet in the printing process – forget about the single color, you can use more than 1 million of them in your design.

The best models, made for this challenge, will be made available for buyers in Staples MyEasy3D store. Staples and CGTrader give you a unique opportunity to not only touch what you created with your fingers – literally, but also make it a stylish and popular souvenir or business gift. So, have it in mind and create something that looks attractive, interesting, and unique. Upgrade the art of origami – make the paper dance for you!


Eis como pôr mais Sucata a bom uso, em tanto sítio onde falta de tudo, uma Centrifugadora feita com as peças dum Leitor / Gravador de Vídeo, dos de Cassete:

A Centrifuge built from VCR parts

A centrifuge is a very useful piece of equipment for isolating aquatic organisms. Centrifuging a sample of water containing micro organisms will drive them to the bottom of the container, where they become more concentrated and easier to manipulate. A high speed laboratory model costing several hundreds of dollars isn't necessary for the purpose, something much simpler will do the job quite adequately. At the most basic, you can just tie a piece of cord SECURELY to the container and whirl it around your head. You can easily generate a centrifugal force of 10 G with this method ( but do it outside in an open area, where nothing will get damaged if it comes loose ! )

E para as vossas Fotos, eis algo para poderem tirar imagens de grande qualidade, em todo o lado, um Estúdio Fotográfico portátil!
Boa ideia.

DIY - Portable Mini Photo Studio

For publish my project on instructables, I need to take lots of photos and needed a handy place to quickly take the step-by-step project shots that has a plain background and lots of light. I always work in my bedroom, that have a minimal lighting and just a have a little space. When I took photos of projects that I made, especially for electronic project that have a lot of small components – there was always a distracting background and became blur because of the lighting. So I think, it will really helpful if I have my own photo studio.

There are Mini Photo Studio tent and lighting kit that you can buy from eBay or other online shop, it is compact, portable and easy to set up, Mini Kit Photo Photography Studio . But the price are not friendly for me. So I could make that, from cheap materials and it cost me just about $1.


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