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quinta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2013

Uma Bússola no Smartphone? E uma Super-Funda, um separador de moedas em Lego, Construíndo Repraps, e um Gato

K&JMagnetics surpreende-nos com este Artigo, onde nos ensina que há Apps para aproveitar os sensores magnéticos desses Smartphones, para detectar o Norte, a força dum campo Magnético, e mais....

iPhone Magnetic Measurements
Modern smartphones have internal magnetic sensors that can detect magnetic fields.  Learn more about how the output of these sensors can be useful in finding north, identifying the direction of the earths’ magnetic field, identifying poles of magnets and checking compliance with air shipment regulations.

Detect Earth’s Magnetic Field In our earlier article, The Earth is a Magnet, we described the earth’s magnetic field.  As most of us know, we can measure the direction of this field with a compass to figure out which way is north.  Most smartphones come preloaded with a compass application that does exactly that.

While most folks aren’t using this compass to figure out which way to go, they are using magnetic information indirectly.  When using an iPhone for directions, the phone considers not only the GPS sensor data, but also the magnetometer and accelerometers.  That’s part of how it can tell which direction you are pointed in.
The magnetic field sensed by the internal compass is not actually pointing to the north pole.  In fact, unless you live near the equator, it is probably pointing mostly down into the ground!

Mais um momento de Muáháhá, eis algo que parece vir da Série Futurama, mas o certo, é que funciona!
Uma Funda para lançar carga para Órbita!
Há um Vídeo a apresentar o Conceito, mas passemos directamente para este barulhento Protótipo, que isto é que anima um Engenhocas!

Slingatron to hurl payloads into orbit

David Szondy

People have been shooting things into space since the 1940s, but in every case this has involved using rockets. This works, but it’s incredibly expensive with the cheapest launch costs hovering around US$2,000 per pound. This is in part because almost every bit of the rocket is either destroyed or rendered unusable once it has put the payload into orbit. Reusable launch vehicles like the SpaceX Grasshopper offer one way to bring costs down, but another approach is to dump the rockets altogether and hurl payloads into orbit. That's what HyperV Technologies Corp. of Chantilly, Virginia is hoping to achieve with a “mechanical hypervelocity mass accelerator” called the slingatron.

Querem ficar satisfeitos convosco próprios, fazendo algo de espectacular, mas simples?
Façam este Separador de Moedas...
Não há mais fácil que isto.

LEGO Coin Sorter

The Design
I wasn't too thrilled about how the case came out but I was happy with the mechanism part. Many of the LEGO coin sorters I've seen require the whole unit to be tilted which I think looks weird so I wanted to make my coin sorter with a sloped ramp with the rest level.

I wanted to enclose the mechanism to create a bit of mystery and get people thinking about how the machine might work. I also liked the idea of being able to see the coins drop so I added a couple of extra layers to make the machine taller.

This machine is made to work with US coins but could probably be very easily modified to work with other coins.

E querem saber como é, montar uma Impressora 3D, neste caso, uma RepRap, antes de a encomendarem?

Aproveitem a experiência de Andrew Back, da Designspark!

Adventures in RepRap Construction

Andrew Back

A report on the first experiences of building a RepRap 3D printer.
Over a weekend back in March my local hackerspace group, Bridge Rectifier, hosted a 3D printing workshop at which we learnt how to construct a RepRap printer and to use a software toolchain for creating, processing and printing 3D models.
For the workshop we were very fortunate to be under the expert tuition of Alan Wood and Mike Beardmore from Thames Valley RepRap User Group (TVRRUG), a 3D printing enthusiast group that has constructed over 100 RepRap printers and designed its own enhancements.
Around 30 people took part in the workshop and following the introductory presentations we split into two groups: one working on printer construction and a second learning the software tools.
The machine we built was a variant of the RepRap Prusa Mendel, provided to us in the kit form as used in TVRRUG's own printer self-build rounds.

E algo de bacano para encantar os filhotes, e/ou a Patroa:

Ginger, um Gato, em Papercraft, obra do nosso amigo Rob Ives:

Ginger - Paper Cat to Download and Make
Ginger, the cute papertoy cat is adapted from the character in a paper animation kit I'm working on at the moment. I'm making this version of the cat available as a quick project for members to download and make. Thanks for signing up!

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