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sexta-feira, 30 de agosto de 2013

SparqEE! A vossa Invenção vira Global! Muáháhá! E Titâneo em 3D, 2 novos Materiais, e façam o vosso próprio UAV

Esta, foi para a frente das outras, é FENOMENAL!
Dica dos nossos amigos da DesignSpark, esta plaquita, a SparqEE, permite-vos nada mais, nada menos, que ligarem as vossas Invenções, casas, veículos, etc, a um nível Global, através duma Rede dos Tele-Móveis, ou Celulares. 

Devkits/Add-on Boards

Pete Wood

There are so many add-on boards now available for Raspberry Pi's and Arduino's, however, this one really caught my attention. It's by a company called SparqEE and is tiny Cellular development board that gives you Wireless Worldwide. That means internet to anything anywhere! Great for remote applications. This is their kickstarter video below. You can also find out more about this great product on their KickStarter page.

A Imaterialise também vos imprime em 3D, os vossos Objectos em Titâneo, com ou sem Polimento:

Material Monday: i.materialise for all your titanium 3D prints!


Are you looking for a strong and super light material? i.materialise is one of the few online 3D printing services to 3D print your design in titanium. Read all about it!
Titanium is great for jewelry and light weight parts that need to be very strong. When we launched it, almost three years ago, we didn’t quite know what you would do with this technology. But you’ve amazed us with a lot of incredible designs.We’ve seen bike parts, rings, eyewear, earrings (you cannot have any allergic reactions from it), accessories,….you name it. At this stage, titanium is still the strongest material to 3D print in.

O Magnésio já poderá ser fabricado Inoxidável, o que vai abrir um sem-fim de novas possibilidades de construír os vossos Motores,  Veículos, e Engenhocas, num Material leve e estruturalmente resistente, e agora, também resistente à corrosão. 

Stainless magnesium breakthrough bodes well for manufacturing industries

Brian Dodson

Magnesium alloys are very attractive for a range of weight-sensitive applications. They have the largest strength-to-weight ratio of the common structural metals, are lighter than aluminum and are particularly favored for being easy to machine and for their ability to be die cast to net shape. Unfortunately, magnesium alloys tend to corrode too easily. A team at Monash University in Australia has now discovered a novel and potentially game-changing approach to the problem: poisoning the chemical reactions leading to corrosion of magnesium alloys by adding a dash of arsenic to the recipe.
Magnesium alloys are of great interest as lightweight replacements for aluminum, titanium, and steel components in a range of transportation and aerospace applications. However, such alloys corrode easily, and this often prevents their use as replacements for noncorroding metals, particularly in applications requiring high reliability over a range of environments.

Outro Material, este completamente novo, é o Zeoform, um Aglomerado, mas sem Colas, e com a resistência de Madeiras duras, que pode ser moldado, e vai ser usado sabe-se lá em mais o quê, Cabos de Ferramentas, Móveis, para Modelismo, e porque não, Impressão 3D!!!

Zeoform: The eco-friendly building material of the future?

Antonio Pasolini

Australian company Zeo has developed and patented a glue-fee process that creates a strong, versatile new building material out of just cellulose and water. The resulting hardwood-like material known as Zeoform can then be sprayed, molded or shaped into a range of products. And it's not just trees that stand to benefit – Zeoform also promises an eco-friendly alternative to the use of plastics and resins.
Zeo says the resulting material that is recyclable, "as strong as ebony" and can be shaped using a range of techniques that make it suitable for use in "any industry requiring woods, plastics and resins for manufacturing." At higher densities, Zeoform is water- and fire-resistant and the company is also working on coatings that could resist some of the most extreme weather conditions.


E que tal este Instructable, para acabarmos em beleza, por hoje, façam os vossos próprios UAVs, para Pesquisa e Vigilância...
É bom!

Make a UAV for research and photography

McMagical Engineer

You, yes you, can build and fly a personal UAV. Read this and see how!
If you like this instructable, consider voting for me in the RC contest.

I remember riding in the car when I was little, watching the shadow of our car float over the ground beyond the guard rail. I would imagine that the shadow was from a plane and would think about what it would be like to see the journey from the air. What if I had a little plane that I could fly from the car and explore the areas just behind the trees. What if I could launch a plane on a hike, and see the far peak on the other side of the glacier, or take a video of myself and friends waving from the top of a mountain?
These days, I live near the ocean and wonder what it would be like to capture video of sailboat races, darting in and out of the masts like the seagull scene in "Finding Nemo." What about a video of whales from the air? To see what the seagulls see as they float over the water, under massive bridges and over tiny islands...

Then I found FPV UAVs and the dream became a reality.
This instructable will walk through your my first FPV UAV, teach you how to get started, how to make one, how to fly one, and introduce modifications you can make as you dive deeper into the sport.

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