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quinta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2013

Bhold! E um Livro sobre Fablabs, Leopoly, e um Relógio do caraças

Dica do Blog da Sculpteo, a Bhold é um Centro de Design, mas está, de raiz, criado para a era da Prototipagem Rápida, e para criar :

bhold launches a design house committed to innovative, user-centric designs!

There has been lots of progress in 3D printing. Ranging from new businesses, new repositories, new amazing 3D printed objects, it has been hard to keep track of everything. But since last week, we’re in touch with Susan Taing, the founder at bhold, and we have to say we’re quite fond of the way she sees the future of 3D printing with her new startup.
Unlike most of the new attempts in 3D printing, bhold doesn’t count on crowdsourced content to grow its user base. The company defines itself as a design house and aims to be a design hub for 3D printed objects. The goal is to create innovative and user-centric designs, that are directly thought for 3D printing and not for traditional manufacturing. In house designers are working around the latest materials available in 3D printing, with the aim to let anyone use it in its every day life.

Dica de Eduardo Lopes via Garagem Fab Lab da DigiFabUSP, eis um Livro sobre a Fab Lab, a Prototipagem Rápida, e é Grátis, e em Português...

livro/book – Fab Lab: A Vanguarda da Nova Revolução Industrial

Fabien Eychenne e Heloisa Neves 

Apoiado pelo Editorial Associação Fab Lab Brasil, e seguindo os princípios do conhecimento compartilhado e aberto, este livro encontra-se disponível para download e pode ser também impresso…

Outra dica da Sculpteo, é o Leopoly, um Site com um Programa 3D, já havia, mas o que não havia é o LeoNardo, o Programa Offline, que eles oferecem, tudo isto com a modificação online de outros Modelos que o Site já tem, o que permite a qualquer um criar Modelos para a Impressão 3D!

Sculpteo teams up with Leopoly!

Since you’re probably fond of 3D printing yourself, you already know TinkerCAD and 3Dtin, two easy to use online 3D tools that help you create models directly in your browser. But since the end of June, the 3D software company Leonar3Do introduced a new way to easily create designs in your browser with their website Leopoly. In our opinion, such tools are the key to broader 3D printing adoption.
And in deed Leopoly is probably the gateway to let anyone access professional creation tools without having any knowledge. It works as a WebGL browser based 3D modeling tool and lets you create and edit 3D objects in the browser. It’s incredibly easy to use, and you only needs a few tries to understand how it works.

...E eis um Relógio Digital do caraças, que vocês podem fazer, porque é dum Instructable, e em Papel!
Neste caso, é melhor verem o Video, é impressionante!

Digital/Analog Clock - Arduino + PaperCraft


In this instructable we will be recreating a clock inspired by Alvin Aronson's original design. When I first saw this clock I was very impressed by how clean an elegant the design was I immediately wanted to recreate this effect. I hope some of you feel the same and use this as a guide to be one-step closer to having one of your own

Essentially, we have a seven segment clock where instead of LED's we have digits moving in and out of the pane, the shadow created by these digits will allow the user to read the time against the white on white digits. By using 28 servos, we can use a arduino to first process the current time and then push the digits out accordingly through the motor controller. more will be explained in the later pages.

I've tried to keep the parts as simple as possible, using readily available parts without a deep knowledge of electronics one can begin to explore creating their own clock. I do not have 3D printer so construction will be done by way of papercrafting.

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