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quinta-feira, 11 de julho de 2013

Um PC Raspberry, uma câmara Raspy, Ímanes de Escritório em Neodímio, e Micro-Xadrez!

Eis algo para fazer com o Raspberry Pi, e com uma Cortadora Laser, um Computador Pessoal! Vem com todas as Instrucções, por isso é só segui-las, e ficar com mais um PC:

The LittleBox | A Raspberry Pi PC

Over the last year and a half I have bought four Raspberry Pis. Each Pi has been the centre piece of four different projects.

The first Pi navigates the FishPi Proof-Of-Concept Vehicle, the second manages the FishPi POCV Base-Staion, the third has been tightly packed into the worlds first Raspberry Pi Netbook, and the fourth now powers the LittleBox prototypes.


E, uma dica do nosso amigo Alan Metcalfe, uma Câmara Raspberry Pi!

Obra de David Hunt, eis uma descrição, para as Instrucções, vão ao Blogue dele:

 Foto assinada por David Hunt

Camera Pi – DSLR Camera with Embedded Computer

I’ve had the idea of embedding a computer  DSLR camera for a couple of years now, but for whatever reason I never got around to implementing it, mostly due to the cost of small single board computers. Until now, that is. With the release of the Raspberry Pi, embedded computing has all of a sudden become much more affordable. At €35 for the computer, it’s far cheaper than any of it’s rivals.
So what I’ve done is take an old (broken) battery grip that I had lying around (for my Canon 5D Mark II), and made a few modifications to it so I could fit the Raspberry Pi SBC (Single Board Computer) into it.
The result is what I call “Camera Pi”. :)


E se quizerem Ímanes de Escritório em Neodímio, pois, agora há!
Vão à Supermagnete, para encomendar estes Ímanes, 3 vezes mais fortes que os habituais:

Boston Xtra round

Set of 5 office magnets
An office magnet that is strong and pretty!
The whiteboard magnet Boston Xtra contains a super magnet and is therefore two to three times as strong as a standard ferrite office magnet.
It scores additional points with its fresh and cool design and lush colours.
Designed and produced in Austria, assembled and packaged in a sheltered workshop in Switzerland: A solid quality product you will enjoy for a long time.

E de mikey77, vem-nos este Micro Tabuleiro de Xadrez, que é mais uma coisa para fazerem com as vossas Impressoras 3D, mesmo as mais baratas!


Micro 3D Printing: Make A Micro Chess Set

Very small objects can be created with even an inexpensive extruded filament 3D printer. The Intro Pic shows a chess set next to a quarter that was printed in PLA.

I have provided .stl files if you want to print your own micro chess set. The files can easily be scaled up to larger sizes to create an easier to use chess set. With a little more hand work, they can even be scaled down.

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