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quinta-feira, 4 de julho de 2013

Portugal olé! E um Arduino controlado pelo vosso Android, e ver campos Magnéticos!

Portugal, olé!

Eis um Luso-Americano que Inventou uma Mola Musical.
Na fotografia duas das suas grandes Criações, a Mola... E o Filhote!
Pode ser usada como uma Concertina, como um Modulador Sonoro, e como um Auxiliar Terapêutico! 
Cabecinha pensadora!

Sonik Spring combines audio manipulation with what looks like a Slinky

Ben Coxworth

Not long ago, Buffalo State University music professor Tomás Henriques set out to develop a digital accordion. While that in itself would have been newsworthy, what he ended up creating could ultimately have a lot more significance. Known as the Sonik Spring, Henriques’ device may find use not only in the field of music, but also as a means of physical rehabilitation.

Um Androis que controla o vosso Arduino, eis um Instructable bacano, para vocẽs brilharem, ou apenas, usarem o que quizerem, com o vosso Telemóvel ou Celular, conforme onde estejam a ler isto...

Andruino: A Simple 2-Way Bluetooth-based Android Controller for Arduino

ANDRUINO is a simple tool to help you control your Arduino (or clone) from your Android phone. It's both an Android app and an Arduino program. Andruino has a simple Android user interface to 1) control Arduino's digital and PWM pins 2)  send text commands to Arduino 3) and receive data from  Arduino over Bluetooth  using the ever popular HC-05 Bluetooth over serial module or its siblings.

Andruino should work with other Bluetooth modules with some tweaking but I have only tested it with the HC-05. This is an alpha version that's running fine on my Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus.  Please share your experience running Andruino on your phone.

I have published a guide before on building and programming a circuit with the HC-05 Bluetooth module and Arduino but I will briefly describe again in this guide how to wire the circuit using a breadboard and jumper wires.

Para verem o que fazem à vossa rica Saúde, com horas e horas ao Telemóvel, Ipad, ou lá o quê, ponham os olhos nesta Performance, que vos deve abrir os olhos, e não só para a Arte...

Rigged smartphone brings electromagnetic fields to life

James Holloway

By rigging an Android smartphone as an electromagnetic field indicator, interaction designers Luke Sturgeon and Shamik Ray have visualized the fields around everyday electronics using long-exposure photography and stop-motion animation. The results are fascinating and beautiful.
In a video uploaded to Vimeo, the duo reveal aspects of their method and their results. But for a small slit, the screen of the Android smartphone has been entirely covered. With a camera set to long exposure, the handset is slid over the device (a Macbook for example), and the visible slit shows a series of colored dots which apparently relate to the EMF field.

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