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terça-feira, 2 de julho de 2013

Oogoo elástica! E um Jipe Anfíbio, ver através das paredes, uma Mala em couro cortada a laser, e mais Desktop Gremlins

Eis a minha ùltima experiência com Oogoo, uma tira bem grossa, que tem uma força bacana, e estica e estica, sem mostrar fadiga...
Lembrem-se: Podem assim fazer as tiras como as quizerem, espessura, forma, e se são tiras, se são tubos, ou lá o que idealizarem!
Vejam como ficou:

Oogoo slingshot band

A very crude Oogoo rubber band, just made on a hot Summer day, it stretches without problems.
Enough for Proof-of-concept, and remember, this way, you can make the band any size and shape you want, for close to nothing!

Eis um Jipe Anfíbio, para se admirar, eis algo que facilitava a vida a muita gente... E a vários preços, porque vem em Kits, também!
Mesmo completo, vem pelo preço dum  Barco, mais um Jipe que o rebocasse...
Coisa que este não precisa.


Is it a Jeep? Is it a speedboat? No, it's WaterCar's Panther amphibious vehicle

Brian Dodson
Recreational amphibious vehicles are nothing new, but most are one-offs, and most tend to be boats that can creep on land, or cars that slosh slowly through water. There are exceptions, notably entries from Gibbs, but arguably, amphibious vehicles have not made the grade as true all-round vehicles that can be driven to work during the week, and on the lake on weekends. WaterCar's new Panther straddles the divide.


Eis algo que não lembra a ninguém, ver através das paredes, usando o Wi-Fi!
Do que é que se vão lembrar a seguir?

Wi-Vi system uses Wi-Fi to see through walls

Randall Marsh

Researchers at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have developed what could become low-cost, X-ray vision. The system, known as "Wi-Vi," is based on a concept similar to radar and sonar imaging, but rather than using high-power signals, this tech uses reflected Wi-Fi signals to track the movement of people behind walls and closed doors.
When a Wi-Fi signal is transmitted at a wall, a portion of that signal penetrates through and reflects off any humans that happen to be moving around in the other room. Since only a tiny fraction of the signal passes through the wall, with the rest being reflected, the researchers had to devise a technology that could could cancel out the arbitrary reflections, and keep only those reflecting from moving human bodies.


E já vi muita, coisa feita por Corte Laser, mas isto, ainda não, uma Mala de Senhora, em Couro, e sem Costuras!


Simple Leather Purse


Here are instructions for a simple leather purse. No sewing is required, just some leather cutting (which is easiest if you have access to a laser cutter) and some lacing.

The purse is about 9" x 9" x 3" when finished.

E mais Aventuras em Papel, com os Desktop Gremlins, para vocês descarregarem, já a seguir!

An astounding new paper craft is ready for you to download!


Join Om Nom as he travels back in time to feed his ancestors with candy. Cut the Rope: Time Travel is a completely new adventure filled with time-traveling, candy-crunching, physics-based action!
There’s no time to waste! Visit six exciting locations including the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, a Pirate Ship, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and the Stone Age. Om Nom’s ancestors are waiting – and they’re getting really hungry for candy!

GADZOOKS! This paper craft has three pages in the download, so you can choose your favorite of the six ancestors to grace your desktop, or swap out characters as the mood strikes you!


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